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| by Jasmine Kamal

The Hijabi Guide to Style Different Headscarf Fabrics with Any Outfit

You might think that the color of your headscarf is the main factor affecting your elegance. Well, the fabric is just as important! Many hijabis wish to wear different headscarf fabrics, but they just don't since they don't know how to it. Fabric is so important when it comes to headscarves because the same color will look different every time it comes in a different texture. Today, we brought you the main tips to know how to wear each headscarf fabric to reach the ultimate elegance of your hijabi style.

1. Chiffon Headscarf

Chiffon hijab is so suitable for cotton, wool or velvet clothes. This is because they will add some softness to your outfits. That's why chiffon is one of the best materials for winter outfits since it balances things out when it comes to heavy clothes. However, the only case you should stay away from a chiffon headscarf is when you're wearing chiffon clothes as well.


2. Satin Headscarf

The satin scarf has had a powerful comeback after many years, especially the ones with a print. Satin in general is usually inspired from the 1960's fashion trends. This is one fabric that needs to be well thought of when it comes to winter outfits. It is always recommended to wear it with clothes of wool, cotton or linen materials. For a more daring look, a satin headscarf can be worn with satin clothes as well as long as it's in softer shades. However, stay away from putting on your satin scarf with any velvet clothes.


3. Cotton Headscarf

Cotton scarves are the most practical ones for a hijabi; they can be worn throughout the whole year. Just pay attention to the color of scarf you pick. If you are looking for a bold look while staying in your comfortable cotton scarf, you can play on the color factor since a cotton scarf can match almost all winter fabrics.


4. Velvet Headscarf

Velvet has a direct connection with winter fashion. When worn as a hijab piece, velvet usually comes in the form of a turban. It is more suitable for evening wear though. Whether stripped or plain, velvet gives a shine that matches lighter materials such as silk, chiffon or cotton. Avoid wearing a velvet turban with a velvet winter piece.


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