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| by Jasmine Kamal

5 Headscarves Your Wardrobe Badly Needs This Fall/Winter Season

Being a Hijabi means you are considering more elements in your fashion style. The dominant and most important element of all is, of course, your headscarf. A color of a headscarf can boost an outfit or draw it back. It's all about your choice! And because fashion is moving forward too fast, seasons tend to affect everything about your hijab style starting from how you wrap your headscarves, to the colors and fabrics that are suitable for the weather and season trends.

Today, we've brought you the ultimate guide on how to own the most stylish headscarves this fall 2020/winter 2021. This guide includes things you probably won't be expecting to stay in style this season. Follow up to know more!

1. Animal print

You might have noticed that clothes with animal prints such as leopard are powerfully back in fashion again. Well, scarves have the same trend. That's why different animal-printed headscarves have widely spread among shopping stores and you could easily pick the suitable one for you.

2. Popping colors

On contrary to what a lot of ladies may think, vibrant colors are actually so 'in' this fall. Who said fall and winter clothes have to be of pale or dull colors? Colors such as bright yellow and red are the number one trending this fall/winter 2019, especially when it comes to headscarves.

3. Stripes

Well, stripped headscarves are an ongoing trend that is here to stay even though summer has already ended. If you already have one from last summer, just continue wearing it on your fall outfits! If you didn't get one yet, no worries, you'll easily find one in any scarves shop.

4. '60s Style

Your grandma's wardrobe is where to shop for this style! Yes, she probably still owns those square shaped satin scarves with vintage prints that you've always thought of as useless. Well, if you do find them now, they're treasure! These scarves are on the top headscarves trends for fall/winter 2019 for hijabis, so hurry up to your granny to stop her from throwing them away!

5. Polka Dots

Polka dotted headscarves continue to lie on the throne of hijabi fashion from last year. They're still so in so make sure you have one.

Main image credits: Instagram @hautehijab

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