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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Five Easy Meals to Pack and Eat at Work

In this fast-paced life, we barely find time to eat proper food. Running between meetings errands, we usually stop in between to eat fast food. This unhealthy eating habit leads to many digestive problems, and affects you overall health on the long run. Therefore, I came up with five easy meals to pack and to eat at work.

1. Grilled chicken and vegetables.

This meal is not just easy to make, but it will encourage you to be healthier when it comes to your food choices. This easy meal that you can pack and eat at work requires preparation a day before. You need to season the chicken with your favorite spices, grill it and then cut it into thin slices. You can either boil or steam the veggies and add whatever spices you like to them. Pack this meal in a sectioned lunch box. Anytime you want take it out, just heat it in the microwave at work, and enjoy eating a healthy snack.

2. Macaroni and cheese.

This one is actually really easy, and it's one of my favorites. You just have to boil the macaroni the night before, pack it in a lunch box and bring with you your favorite grated cheese, in a separate zip lock bag. When you feel hungry, add the cheese over the macaroni and put into the microwave, and voila you have mac and cheese!

3. Your favorite salad and dressing.

A night before, you need to chop all your favorite salad ingredients, then prepare your preferred dressing in a separate small jar. Don’t add the dressing until you feel hungry the next day, as dressings make the vegetables go soggy.

4. Club sandwich and apples.

Make your favorite club sandwich with the ingredients you prefer. Also, pack any kind of fruits to have after your meal at work, just to avoid eating chocolates or unhealthy snacks. I suggest apples, because they’re easy to pack and easy to eat while working.

5. Wraps, vegetables, and fruits.

A night before make a wrap sandwich at home, and you can also chop it into small bites to make it easy to eat. Pack cucumbers, carrots and bell peppers to munch on them. Also, pack fruits to eat at work whenever you get a sweet tooth.

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