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| by Amira Azzouz

Bread Soaked in Syrup Dessert Recipe

What I love about this dessert is how fast you can prepare it and yet it's super delicious and a great way to break your fast. I don't just eat the Bread Soaked in Syrup dessert in Ramadan, but also whenever I'm craving something sweet and with a Middle Eastern twist. Are you ready for this short recipe?

What you will need:

Egyptian Fino Bread

2 Eggs

2 Packs of Vanilla




Steps for preparing Bread Soaked in Syrup Dessert:

1. Start off by cutting the Egyptian Fino bread into rounded pieces (the same shape as the bruschetta). I recommend you get the bread out of the freezer right before you start to avoid breadcrumbs causing a mess when cutting the bread. Keep in mind you need to cut the bread in a thickness of 1 cm approximately if not more.

2. Now it's time to take another bowl and put the following ingredients in it and mix until they blend perfectly: 2 eggs (mix first), 1 cup of milk, 1 table spoon of sugar and one packet of vanilla.

3. Time for another mixture, the syrup. You would want to have that ready in advance and here's how: add 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water into a bowl and add the bowl on the heat until the sugar melts completely. Once the syrup starts boiling, squeeze a lemon and following it a packet of vanilla.

4. Now take the bread you cut and dip them into the bowl with the mixture you prepared in step (2). Make sure to dip both sides and then place the bread on a plate. Don't put two bread pieces over one another to avoid them getting softer than they should.

5. Add some oil to a pan and after 20 seconds of being on the heat, add the bread and make sure to turn it every once in a while. Once the bread starts turning into a goldish color, make sure to take it out of the heat and add it into the syrup.

6. All you need to do is dip the bread into the syrup and then add it to a plate with kitchen tissue in between to absorb some of the oil and extra syrup.

That's it! Extremely simple and fast...

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