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| by Luci

Post #64: Women Are Crazy and Men Are Stupid

Here’s all you have to know about men and women: women are crazy, men are stupid, and the main reason women are crazy is that men are stupid.

I started off with that famous saying to get you guys ready for what I’ll be writing about this time. No, I’m not only going to discuss the different kinds of “stupid” men out there, but also the “crazy” women, just to be fair to both genders. It’s more of my personal observations and of course I wouldn’t want anyone to get offended. Let’s start with the men, shall we?

It does happen that you meet a man you like more than he likes you back, but the thing is he always gives you mixed signals every now and then which keeps you hanging. Think about it that way, if he was interested in you, he would have been crystal clear about it, right? Men tend to do everything they can when they’re actually into a woman, not the minimum. Why is this kind of guy categorized as “stupid”? Simply because he’s not clear enough about the way he feels, he enjoys the attention and doesn’t mind leaving you hanging. Truth be told, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU!

Moving on to the man who has a bi-polar side, well not really bi-polar but he’s hot then cold. He can’t make a decision, too confused whether he should dive into a relationship or whether he should explore more options because he doesn’t want to settle just yet. MAKE A DECISION ALREADY MAN! Could it be he has some serious commitment issues? That’s certainly one way to look at it, but the other is you shouldn’t waste much time on him. Simply because you’ll end up calling him stupid and turning into the crazy kind of woman, that is of course if you give him your time and energy. Life’s just too short for that.

PLAYING GAMES is this guy’s specialty. He loves being admired by many and doesn’t like to waste any option out there. Usually a narcissist as well, because he thinks not a single woman doesn't deserve to have a piece of this beautiful cake (him of course who else!). Did I mention this kind of guy is always looking for sex? He doesn’t do emotions, but likes to flirt around until he has an interesting woman on his hook and then suggests the idea of hooking up, because it’s just too much fun and he loves to takes things one step further with her. The truth however is, the moment you give yourself away to that kind of jerk, he’ll immediately lose interest and move on to his next target. Don’t sell yourself cheap ladies!

He’s trustworthy, you have an extremely good time together, he gets you, encourages you and everything seems just perfect. While this can turn out to be something beautiful, at times, once you’ve already started trusting him a lot he shows off another face. Sharing with someone your feelings is not that easy, for men and women (equally), but when you don’t see that time bomb coming, that’s when it’s most disappointing and of course it changes you forever. I say APPROACH WITH CAUTION.

Jealousy has two faces, one that just shows you how much he cares about you, and the other how insecure he actually is. It even reaches the level of him controlling who you see, what you wear, who you’re talking to, it’ll be his way or the highway kind of relationship. Problem is you don’t even see it coming, he’s smart and takes you into his cave just one by one and BOOM it’s too late you’re already too much into him. If you ever decide to make a run, you’ll have to put together all your energy and power to get away, because truth be told, you won’t have much left seeing that you probably wasted tons of time arguing. Avoid the CONTROL FREAK!

Having said that, do you see why us women have the right to have our own issues and exaggerate a bit with them? After all, it’s our own defense mechanism. Now meet the types of women who have encountered the men mentioned above too many times and turned into a bit of a cuckoo. 

She’s OVERLY JEALOUS the whole time, what is her man looking at? Was he seriously looking at that girl’s butt? How could he? Did you just talk to your friend again? You’re giving her more attention that you’re giving me. Get the picture? She’s just too much and tries to control you way too much. That’s probably a result of ending up with a PLAYER who didn’t deserve her trust. That however doesn’t mean every guy out there should be treated the same way.

He just texted me. He suggested we meet up. He sent a smiley face at the end of the conversation. We talk the whole time and there’s nothing he doesn’t tell me. Sounds familiar ladies? Most women have a CLINGY SIDE when they let it get the best out of them. This woman usually had her fair share of two kinds of men, the “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU” and “MAKE A DECISION ALREADY MAN” which leaves her quite confused and constantly overthinking and analyzing things. Not every guy out there is into you, let’s make that a rule. Another important rule is, unless he makes huge gestures to show he is, then don’t even bother thinking about it that much. Save yourself from the confusion and you’ll have a healthy and peaceful mind.

Honestly, I don’t care that much about him. It’s fine, I’m not really looking to be in a relationship. One minute she wants to date lots of men (player syndrome), the other she’s bored of having meaningless relationships and wants just one stable person. While this kind of woman MIGHT SEEM STRONG and nothing can get to her, it’s really all just a act she’s putting together to protect herself. The thing is, she unintentionally drives men away, because let’s face it, she gives off mixed signals. She wants someone to see past that, but what men really see is someone who’s a tad crazy. She had her fair share of a little bit of “stupid” men here and there…

Now this kind is quite exciting, NOT! She’s SELF OBSESSED and at times has a bit of a gold-digger side as well. She thinks every man out there might just be into her. Let’s face it, she’s beautiful and doesn’t get why on earth would a man not like her. Problem is, the more she looks for the wrong things, the more she’ll fall for the “stupid” kind and the crazier she’ll become. Having her own priorities in a relationship be things like money and success, tends to push her towards men who lie about their age, their social status or ones who are great yet they’re too old to get out of their comfort zone for any woman. So how should she get out of this cycle? Just snap out of it and set your priorities straight, that’s all you really need to do!

Why does this happen to me? Why me? I can’t be that UNLUCKY! I have the worst luck ever. I hate men. Men are just ***holes. That’s just a sample of what you’ll be hearing from her. Generally speaking she’s quite negative about everything in life and might also have a bi-polar side. She struggles to find the right balance in life, but is either way too happy or way too pessimistic. She’s the kind of “crazy” who’s had one or more of bad relationship experiences but didn’t manage to snap out of them yet. She’s living in the past and feels lots of self pity. The thing is she won’t find a decent guy with that kind of mentality. The past is something you can no longer control, but the present and future are things you can do something about. Like NOW! 

You ask what’s my current status? Let’s just say, HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO ME but into my friend and I’m taking on the role of MIGHT SEEM STRONG. Sounds familiar anyone? More about that in my next post!

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