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| by Luci

Post #87: Is Therapy Really the Answer?

Hey Lovely Readers,

As you've all guessed by now, Faisal wasn't very happy with my suggestion about couples therapy. In fact, he thought the idea was stupid and according to him we have no problem in our marriage. I tried to explain to him that I'm only suggesting this, because I really want our marriage to be an amazing one, but he still rejected the idea.

I couldn't talk to my mum about it, because you know how the older generation would be like; she'll say something similar to "what happens between a man and his woman should stay behind closed doors."

I decided to talk to Dina about it. Out of all my friends, I thought she'd be the one who would get me the most. Of course I was not going to get into much details, because some things are super private, but I had to give her an overall idea of what has been going on.

Dina: Luci, I think you're the one who can actually benefit from therapy.

Me: What do you mean?

Dina: This whole time you've been talking about yourself, how confused you are and that you're questioning your love for him. I personally think you need to work on yourself, before involving him in that equation.

Me: But it takes two to make a marriage work Dina!

Dina: Absolutely! But if he doesn't want to go to couples therapy, you can't force him. Since you're willing, go to therapy on your own and talk about what's really going on with you, address the situation. The Luci I know would never pull a stunt that childish with Amr and her husband.

I thought about it for a second, and realized that maybe she was right. I mean that was something I would not normally do. I was just so desperate to make a point, and boy did that backfire.

As soon as I hung up with Dina, I called a doctor who had quite good testimonials and ratings online to take an appointment for the next day! I know a lot of you reading this may be shocked by this decision, but I'm actually very happy about it. There's no shame in going to therapy, talking about a few confusing issues you feel you might be facing. I'm tired of avoiding my feelings and I'm determined to fix whatever needs fixing, not only for my marriage, but for me. For Luci!

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