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| by Luci

Post #84: The Ugly Face of Jealousy

After sharing with you a nice, happy memory from the first year of marriage in my last post, today I'll be telling you all about how my problems with Faisal started.

One day the whole gang decided to meet up and I was very excited as I hadn't seen some of them for quite some time. We were mostly couples, except for Mona, who refused to tell the guy she likes to join, as she thought it was still way too early for him to meet her friends. I got all dressed up, wore a red dress Faisal had gotten me before, and he kept complimenting me on how good he thinks I look, which of course made me super happy. We were the last ones to arrive, yes I'm not a very punctual person.

You'd say this has all the signs of a great night ahead, but think again. While there, I bumped into Amr. Remember Amr? My ex-boss and ex-lover and ex-drama that made me decide before to leave Cairo and move to Dubai.

Amr: Luci, I can't believe this! It's so good to see you.

Me: Same here Amr. How have you been?

Amr: Doing great. I heard you got married. He's one lucky man I must say.

I smiled and looked towards Faisal who was staring at me. He looked quite mad, so I thought I'd keep it very short with Amr to avoid any drama from taking place.

Amr: You look good and you seem happy.

Me: I am, and hope you are too.

I thought I'd end our talk right there, but right before I could say another word, Faisal grabbed my hand and pushed me away. It took me a few seconds to try and realize what the hell happened. He didn't let go of my wrist and was even twisting it a bit. I looked at him, in total shock, not knowing how I should react. On one hand, what he did is totally unacceptable, and on the other hand I did not want to cause more of a scene, I was already embarrassed enough of what just happened. Amr looked at me, and thankfully understood from my look that I wanted him to go away. No one else noticed what happened, but I didn't say one single word to Faisal for the rest of the night, and I couldn't get any sleep. What happened was not okay. I understand he was jealous, and I tried to keep it short, but his reaction was unacceptable. There's a very fine line between jealousy and acting crazy.

Ever since that day things became very weird between us. We're not fighting, but we're just ignoring the elephant in the room, and I got sick of that ignoring and snapped!

The way I saw it, there were two ways to handle this.

Option #1: Address the problem like a grown-up, talk about it and see what would happen next.

Option #2: Go for a childish approach, where I'd plan another coincidental, but on purpose, run into Amr situation. Of course Faisal would be there, and that's the whole purpose to see how he'd react AGAIN, then take it from there.

Even though I know it would have been best to go for the first option, but something told me testing out the second scenario would be better. I know it might be wrong and childish, but I don't care. I am super mad about what happened, and Faisal needs to know I will no longer be quite and let things pass!

I did some social media stalking, and after a while I found out where Amr usually hangs out. There was this Instagram post of one of his friends, and he commented below, 'C u there tonight!' At some point I got cold feet, do I really want to do this?

Turns out the place was some sort of pub, where people can play darts, billiards etc...So, I put on my cute face and suggested it to Faisal. I just told him I'm tired of this weird phase we're in, let's just let it all go, let loose and have fun and suggested the place I found.

I chose a quite sexy outfit, a pair of high-waist ripped black skinny jeans, paired it with a black lace top, metallic platform shoes and berry red lipstick. I was feeling good and confident. Let's do this! Faisal's mouth literally dropped when he saw me. I was secretly enjoying this, because he is definitely in for a night he will never forget.

We got to the place, and as we walked in, my heart was pumping so hard, I felt like it was about to jump out of my chest any moment now. As we walked to our table, I tripped and bumped into two men in front of me, and guess what! One of them was Amr...

What happened next was crazy, as I said, a night Faisal will never forget, but that deserves a whole other post. For now I have to go, caio.

Don't forget to check Fustany every Saturday at 11:00 AM (Cairo time) for my new post.

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