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| by Luci

Post #44: Not Just Another Lame Weekend

When you're overloaded with work, it's hard to keep track of the time. That's exactly what has been happening to me lately. Nothing interesting has been going on in my life, not even after my conversation with Amr, about the possibility of us dating. He was very busy as well, so I understood. I'll just play it cool, as I wouldn't want to come off as too pushy.

You know that feeling when things are neither positive nor negative in your life, and you just get by one day at a time? I decided it's time for some excitement. Yes, some excitement people, but once I'm done with this week's load of work. Luci will go wild, or at least I'll try!

Last Sunday I got a call from Amr early in the morning. I wasn't out of bed yet, what could he possibly want? The last time he called me that early was to let me know we were all traveling for work. Could this be happening again?  I decided to pick up the phone and see what Amr has in store for me.

Amr: Hey Luci, sorry I know I must have woken you up.

Me: No worries! Is everything okay?

Amr: Yeah it is. I'm currently at the airport. Had to travel for a very important meeting with a potential investor who's only in the region for a few days. I know it's too much to ask, but can you please take over some of my work load?

Me: Of course, I'll just need some more details from you on what needs to be done.

Amr: Great, then I'll email you everything.

A moment of disappointment for me! He's not going to be around for the next few days I'm guessing.

Anyway, so I continue to work over the next few days. I know lame, but a girl has to afford her favorite brands, don't you think? I even spent last Saturday working all day from the comfort of my own bedroom, with a bucket of ice-cream by my side to keep me entertained. I started receiving lots of notifications on my phone. To my surprise, I found around five messages wishing me a very happy birthday.

Wait, what? Birthday? I looked closer at the date and discovered that in an hour, it would be my birthday. How could I have forgotten about that? To be honest, I kind of found that pathetic, don't you think? Well, let's see who else of my friends remembers it, I just hope they have a better memory than mine.

I couldn't help but think, oh great, another year goes by without anything special going on in my life. Just me sitting in my pajamas with a little bit of self pity on the side. Will Amr call me? He'd better remember. I was turning 27 in a hour! I don't know how you'd feel, but all I could think of, is how my mum will be pushing even harder for me to get into a relationship. She thinks it's already too late for me, but I personally think I'm getting "more awesome" every year. Why should I even rush myself into getting serious with anyone. No need!

Drowning in my somehow negative thoughts, all of a sudden the electricity goes off. WOW! Even the electricity doesn't want to be there for me on my birthday. I'm a lucky girl, I must say! A moment later, I heard some giggles. 

Me: Mum?

No one answers. I call out for her again, but no one answers. I decided to stay still, just in case someone was trying to rob the house, they might miss that I'm there. All of a sudden, I heard some more footsteps and more giggles. I smile for only one reason, and that is because I recognized the giggling voice. It was Habiba! Maybe she was planning a surprise party for me? I decided to act cool and just pretend I was eating ice-cream in my bedroom's balcony all along.


Me: What? Hahaha

I couldn't make out the faces properly because it was pretty dark. Only voices!

Me: Speak up so I'd know who of you bitches is here haha

Voices: Happy birthday to you... (they start singing and their voices are mostly pretty bad!)

Luckily, the electricity went on right before they finished the song and I could identify the faces. My heart kind of skipped a beat! Besides having all of my gorgeous friends there, and of course finding out how awesome it feels to have a surprise like that on your birthday, there was a familiar face that I adored.

Me: You're backkkk!

I hugged him. He smelled so good and I can't begin to tell you how amazing it felt to be in his arms.

Amr: I couldn't miss your birthday. There's no way I was going to let that happen.

Youssef: And I don't get a hug? Hmmm, I'm out of here! Bye

Me: Hahaha wait wait, here's yours.

I was super excited and the amount of happiness I was experiencing was hard to describe. Dina, Habiba, Mona, Rafik (Habiba's fiance), Youssef and Amr were there. Let's please emphasize on AMR!

Youssef: Girl, your pjs are just a joke haha! Let me take a picture.

Me: What's wrong with them? They're amazing!

Youssef: Yeah, that's what you think. 

Amr: No, they look cute. You look really cute.

I look around and find Dina taking over my ice-cream, the bucket was almost full. Apparently she's not just a man-eater!

Me: I love you guys, you're all so amazing! Did you plan the electricity thing or was that just luck on your side?

Dina: Plan it? Habiba was almost going to trip over me. Of course we didn't!

Dina then took me aside and whispered something into my ears: "I hear Billy is back from the honeymoon."

Me: What? Already?

Dina: Yeah, seems like one of them isn't that good at sex! Hahaha

Me: That's weird. Maybe he's freaking out?

Dina: What makes you think that?

Me: Nothing, just a wild guess.

I didn't feel like sharing with her the message he sent me right before his wedding. That's a memory I'd definitely want to delete. I just want to focus on Mr. Handsome right in front of me.

Dina: Anyway, rumor has it things didn't go that well. I'll have all the gossip pretty soon...

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