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What Women Say But What They Really Mean

Every man out there needs a definitive guide to living in a world full of women. We know it may be confusing, so we decided to make things a little bit easier for you. What women say isn't always what they really mean, it is all about thinking outside the box and reading between the lines. However, with our list of guidelines, you won't need to do that, just learn this list by heart and you will master any conversation. 

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"Do whatever you want." = Be very careful about what you decide to do, and the correct decision was already hinted and should be obvious by now.

"I'll be ready in five minutes." = Add at least 20 minutes to that and perhaps you can watch some TV. 

"I'll just pop in really quick to check something out." = My intentions is to really be fast, I'll do my best to be fast, and hopefully I won't get carried away. 

"You never listen." = You hear me to respond, but you don't actually listen to what I am saying.

"Nothing is wrong." = Think about your actions in the past 24-48 hours, because you obviously did something very wrong, and you need to figure it out yourself. 

"Do you think I am overreacting?" = I know I am, but I just need your support on this one.

"I have nothing to wear." = I have a lot of things to wear, but there is nothing here for who I'm supposed to be today.

"Things are weird between us." = You should be paying more attention to our relationship, where are the texts and the calls?

"Do you get along with your mother?" = How you treat your mother gives me a glimpse at how you will treat me. 

"I feel like our relationship is stuck in a routine right now." = I want you to be more spontaneous and outgoing, how about planning a fun romantic date, like very soon?

"I don't care!" = I really do care, but I am trying to pull off the whole tough girl act. 

"I don't even like him that much." = I really do like him, but I'm trying to play it cool. 

"I am thinking of starting a diet or working out more" = I am giving you the perfect opportunity to compliment me and say I have a smokin body.

"When will you be home?" = I'm missing you and hoping you come home soon

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