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| by Nada Allam

The Obvious Habits of a True Gentleman

Let us be clear, if your man does not have all these qualities, IT’S OKAY, it doesn’t mean he is not a gentleman. The point of this article is to highlight some qualities we noticed most gentleman have, that make us ladies swoon. There are a few obvious signs that your man, or even the man you are interested in is a true gentleman. So ladies, if your man has a few of these qualities, he is definitely a keeper, do not take them for granted and appreciate them.

1. Opens doors for you.

We’re sure all you ladies can open doors for yourselves, but when men open the doors for you, their point is not to make you feel weak, but to make you feel adored and pampered.

2. Always offers to pay for the check.

If you are on a date, then the protocol says your man should flip the bill. However, if you’re taking him out for his birthday and would like to pamper him for a change that’s okay. More importantly, if he still tries to go for the check, then he is definitely one true gentleman.

3. Does not drive away before making sure you walked in.

We have to admit, after careful consideration, this is one of the most obvious signs your man is a true gentleman. Nothing like having a body guard on the look-out to make sure you unlocked your door in the dark. 

4. Handles jealousy like a pro.

There are the men who throw fits and go out of their minds when it comes to jealousy. But, a true gentleman is one who is totally secure with himself, and will only try to show the world that they should be jealous of him because he is with you, not the other way around. 

5. Respects your point of view.

You can agree to disagree on many things in life, that is normal. A true gentleman will always respect your point of view, not diminish your point and make it seem irrelevant. 

6. Patience.

Let’s face it ladies, we always take too long when getting dressed, especially if we’re heading out on a date. If your man is one of the patient ones, then you're one lucky girl. 

7. Knows the meaning of manners.

This is key, because it will show when it comes to meeting your friends and family. How he treats you and those around you says a lot. Do not underestimate the times he uses the words, ‘please and thank you.’

8. Knows how to take care of himself.

No, he does not have to be one of those male models with six packs you see in magazines to take care of himself. It means he cares for his appearance, wears a well ironed shirt, always groomed and smelling great with his signature perfume.

9. Ambitious.

You know that question you ask on dates, ‘What are your goals in life?’ This actually says a lot about a man, if he is ambitious and goal oriented, whether it is to help the world end hunger or even take his business to the next level, ambition is a true sign of a gentleman.

10. Charming only with YOU.

Being a flirt and throwing compliments to all the girls he knows does not reflect a quality of gentleman. Being charming only to the one he cares about is a lot more attractive.

11. There for you when you need him.

A woman should not be dependent on a man, however, a true gentleman is always there when a lady needs some help. What we mean by always, is he would drop anything to come and help you. 

12. He is respectful to waiters.

Ladies this extremely important! A true gentleman never treats a waiter disrespectfully, and let us tell you this, if he is the type of guy that needs to act all tough and rude to waiters, you should be very careful about him.

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