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| by Faten Dwiri

If You've Been Ghosted for No Reason Then Read This!

It doesn’t matter how you deal with this right now...How the one you care about is just ignoring, ghosting you as you are bad for them, like they don’t want to know you anymore. 

Maybe it was just a game surrounded by fuzzy emotional, confusing feelings... Even if you’re disappointed, hopeless and hurting from what you’re been through right now, even when they said you’re not good, selfish, careless, a disastrous person, at one point they gave you butterflies to chase, but suddenly they cut their wings and threw the wings in your face. You are in pain, feeling bad, feeling alone on a Saturday night, wanting them to text you, to ask if you would to hang out somewhere on the weekend. 

And the struggle will start, feelings bring you down, makes you blame yourself, what did go wrong, wondering if you’re hurting them, fooling them, even thinking back of all the situations and conversations that happened between you,  to find something you did wrong. Already there’s no mistake you did, it’s just they’re not interested in you anymore, or already they're wasting their free time on you, or maybe they're scared to start a relationship with you. They're going to make you spin around yourself just to find the truth. 

Just set them free out of the gold cage that you created in your head, cause they definitely don’t belong to you somehow. They are not enough to handle the idea of you. They weren’t brave to eliminate all the doubts in their minds to be close to you, they didn’t want you around them, they are afraid of loving you and you are afraid of losing them.They weren’t strong enough to know who you are, they didn’t make any effort to make you stay. 

Don’t bet your heart on someone not sure about you. Someone willing  not to fight for you, someone who makes you pray before you sleep to make up their mind about you. You don’t need people  like these in your life. And then you realize why they did that; because you’re better than them, stronger, and could handle anything in the world, you never let the pain bring you down, standing tall after every single storm.

I’m NOT going to tell you the sun will shine again tomorrow, no. But I can tell you that “you can make it shine when you want it to shine”.

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