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| by The Fustany Team

How to Feel Sexy Again After Giving Birth

Have you been calculating every gram you gained in the past nine months of your pregnancy? Wondering how will you ever be able to tuck your tummy back in? Well, hear me out mommas, you can do it; you can feel sexy again after giving birth. I just need you to prepare your mind because by now, you should know that there’s nothing that you can’t do! You carried a human inside your body for nine months, so yes you can get back to your sexy old self again after giving birth. Continue reading to know how to feel sexy again after giving birth.

1. Nobody expects you to be a Victoria’s Secret model right after giving birth.

2. Stop pointing out and concentrating on every stretch mark and every body part that was affected by the baby weight. Embrace your new body to feel sexy again after giving birth.

3. Accept the now, know that it took nine months to receive your little angel, and it will take nine more months or more to get that sexy body back after giving birth.

4. It’s nice to have a goal weight, but let’s be honest, models have trainers and a ton of people helping them out to get back in shape quickly. Remember you’re trying to feel sexy again after giving birth, not to frustrate yourself.

5. We understand that your body shape has changed, so don’t stress yourself over fitting back into your favorite jeans or top. Wear something that would compliment your new body shape, believe us you’ll feel better every time you step out of the house.

6. Sleep well and take naps when your baby is sleeping. Sleep deprivation can lead to anxiety and stress, and it will eventually make you cranky and you’ll lose interest in getting sexy back after giving birth.

7. Even if you’re home alone with your baby, make sure your hair looks good and that you’re wearing something that you like. Don’t complain about not having time, there are hairstyles that can only take two minutes to help you fix your hair fast to feel sexy again after giving birth.

8. You need to eat well and to be healthy, so throw out all the junk food and stack of Doritos you have and replace it with healthy snacks and healthy recipes.

9. Ask your husband to help you with the baby, and be nice when you do it. Tell him you can’t do it without his help, don’t complain.

10. Please don’t give in to mummy lingerie, high waisted cotton panties and saggy bras. There are many breastfeeding sexy bras out there. Go get yourself one and don’t forget to grab a couple of panties with lace.

11. As soon as you gain your strength back, start working out, not vigorously, but even a 30 minute walk can make you feel better and that you’re actually doing something.

12. Have sex with your husband, he loves you and he supports you. Sex will relieve some of the stress and will make you reconnect.  

With that said, we hope all the strong mummies out there can feel sexy again after giving birth and always.  

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