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| by The Fustany Team

Five Ways to Turn Him on!

So you want to blow his mind away? It's much easier than you think. Only if you know how to perfectly use your assets and skills. In order to know how to do it, you need to bring out your confidence and unleash your beautiful self. Be bold and sexy, and follow those five ways to turn him on.

1. Wear your scent in everywhere possible. Make sure you always smell good and fresh. Your scent is probably one of the things that attaches him to you. It's all about psychology, as it's a sure way to grab his attention. Simple and useful.

2. Body language can turn things from cold or normal to fire hot! Learn to use your body language, hands and some gestures to please your guy and make him fascinated without uttering a word. A simple touch on his thighs, lips or hair can make him literally go crazy. You just need to choose the right spot. And yes, forget about holding hands, it doesn't work well with guys.

3. Dress up. If you're going out on a date with him, make sure to look sexy as hell. And no, we don't mean slutty. Be classy and elegant with a dash of sexiness. Be charming!

4. Loosen up a little bit and show him some of your flirty side. Flirting with him and indulging in some dirty talk will make him feel that you're more comfortable around him. Feel free to tell him how much you miss his hugs, the way he looks at you or touches you. Do a wild action like putting his hands around your waist. It's all about being playful.

5. Be adventurous and daring. Come up with new ideas or activities to do together. Enough with the dinner date; go for a change and do something he really loves, like playing some Play Station for example. A confident fun woman is always a turn on. Trust me, he would love to be around you all the time.

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