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| by Sara Khalil

Five Things that Ruin a Relationship During its Early Stage

The first stage of a relationship could be a little confusing for new couples. Even though both of you might have previous dating experience, you may accidentally do things that ruin a relationship during its early stage. However, getting to know each other better and keeping in mind the dos and don'ts of a healthy relationship, will make things flow easier. To ensure a long-lasting romance, be sure to read up on the  five things that ruin a relationship during an early stage.

1. Avoid lots of texting

Because who we are while texting is completely different than who we are in real life, too much texting can lead to bad results. Although in the beginning of a relationship we text more than we speak on the phone or meet up in person, direct contact is always better. Not only will it strengthen the bond between you both, but it will also help you know his personality better. Dedicate more time to meet up face to face, at least once per week, and discuss random topics to make things more casual.

Also try to find fun activities to do together, like working out together or even trying new hobbies. This will make you both involved in each others lives. 

2. Don't give up on your social life

The worst thing any new couple can do is give up on their time with family and friends, and spend all their time with their new signifiant other. I completely understand that the excitement at the beginning of a relationship, can make you overlook things. However, the trick is to give each other some personal space, freedom and respecting each other's privacy. 

3. Don't fear arguments.

All successful relationships are based on healthy arguments. That's why you don't need to worry about the consequences of an argument. Voice your opinions and try your best to communicate honestly. Keep in mind that the basis all strong relationships, is mutual respect and honest conversations.

Remember that every person has their own perspective, so don't try to avoid voicing your own thoughts, even if it turned into an argument. At the end of the day, it will only make you connect better because you will understand his way of thinking. Shying out from saying how you feel, means that your relationship is more likely to end sooner. 

4. Be yourself all the time.

Integrity and honesty are two things that truly make a relationship work. Know that you can be yourself and still be accepted. Trying to be someone you're not just to please your partner, is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

5. Don't rush things.

Learn to go with the flow and stop rushing him to take a serious step too soon without knowing each other well. As a relationship develops, we naturally move from one stage to another, that's why it's important to give things time. The more time you invest, the more you understand each other. 

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