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| by The Fustany Team

Don't Get Married Unless You're Sure of These 14 Things!

Marriage is this beautiful institution based on love and support, that sometimes turns into a union based on chores and responsibilities. We tend to forget what marriage actually stands for; it stands for love, support, patience, responsibility, and a lot of understanding.

If you're in a serious relationship and you're in doubt to take the next step, then read along, as we compiled a list of things every couple must be sure of. Is he the right one for you? Is he the one? Don’t get married unless you’re sure of these 14 things...

1. Don't get married unless you can call your spouse a best friend.

2. Don’t get married unless you’re sure that this person can really hear you, and that you both share a common language; this language is called understanding.

3. Don’t get married unless you’re sure that you love your partner enough to make sacrifices, and that you’re happy doing it for them because they appreciate you.

4. Don’t get married unless you can see that glow in their eyes when they see you.

5. Don’t get married unless you can bear the sound of how they chew their food! We tend to find anything that repels us in people, so you should be okay and problem-free when you're in love.

6. Don’t get married unless you both understand how each of you prefers to express their love towards one other, and if you accept it now, you shouldn't complain about it later.

7. Don't get married if you can't be yourself in front of them, or if you won't let them be themselves in front of you.

8. Don’t get married for lust, get married for love. Marriages built on emotional bonds tend to last longer!

9. Don’t get married unless you’re ready to go through thick and thin together, literally.

10. Don’t get married unless you’re ready for responsibility, and that your partner is ready to share it equally with you.

11. Don’t get married unless you’re sure that you want your kids to grow to be like your spouse.

12. Don't get married unless you're sure that your spouse will wipe off your tears, and will help you get back up again whenever you need.

13. Don't get married if you think you're better than them, or they feel they're better than you. You'll live in a constant struggle on leadership, while you should both feel equal and again, "understanding."

14. Don't get married for the wrong reasons, like feeling you're getting old or because you can't find anyone else. Many people we've met have said that a thousand times, but ended up meeting someone better for them, so don't underestimate the power of destiny.

To wrap up, marriage is no walk in the park, but it’s not a mission impossible either. It just takes a lot of work, faith and trust in the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with. You can meet this person at 21 or at 50; it doesn’t matter, as long as you know you’ll be happy with them and not JUST LIVING!

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