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| by Dalia Hosny

24 Creative Ways to Say I'm Sorry

Have you ever felt stuck and wanted some creative ways to say I'm sorry? We all truly make mistakes and sometimes we disappoint our loved ones unintentionally. Just did something wrong and you're trying to apologize for it? Because sometimes "I’m sorry" is just not enough or can be sometimes not very effective, you should always be looking for out-of-the-box ideas and creative ways to say I'm sorry to let them know you really mean it. Doing something creative to change how things took a bad turn, will show that you really put time and effort to make things work out. Be it your friend, family member or even your hubby whom you angered a lot lately, check out how to say sorry in these 24 creative ways:

1. Say "I’m sorry" your own way by creating a love book and dedicate each and every page to say why you love this person.

2. Create secret messages at places a person would never imagine, like inside the closet or under the coffee maker. Make sure to leave a pen open or a piece of paper with a hint on it, so they can find the message. 

3. Leave your loved one a rolled up message in a large bottle. Include a love letter or a long message saying why you’re truly sorry. Might sound a bit old school but it can be a beautiful gesture.

4. If you fought with someone who you live with, like your husband or sister, put together their favorite outfit, leave it on bed with a little invitation to the movies or a special restaurant.

5. Sticky notes can work really well in this occasion. Write down the reasons why you love this person and stick it on their desk, bathroom mirror or anywhere you want. Try to make them super funny and as random as possible.

6. Make use of candy to express your apology. If you know their favorite candy, create "I’m sorry" or "I love you" using candy on a tray and serve it as a surprise. 

7. Wrap their favorite chocolate bar or pack of candy and stick a note to it saying: “Enjoy every bite of this bar of this. Candy makes things better. I love you.” 

8. A bag of nuts with an attached note like "I know I drove you nuts. I’m sorry" is just too cute and funny. 

9. Since a nice homemade cake can always be the solution to so many things, use the icing to write down a cute little apology on top of the cake. Creative way to apologize, isn't it? 

10. Say 'I'm sorry' in a creative way by bringing them their favorite ice cold drink and pack it in package with "Let’s break the ice" written on it. 

11. Order customized cupcakes with "I’m sorry" and "I love you" messages on it and serve it to your hubby in bed for breakfast. What a sweet treat!

12. Use your bad poetic skills to write down a silly as ever poem for the person you want to apologize for. The worse the poem, the better. 

13. Write down "Can we erase everything and start all over again?" on a chalkboard and leave it hanging wherever your beloved is most likely to see it. 

14. Buy them something they’ve always wanted for a long time. Who could ever resist something they've been always longing to own? 

15. Record a little voice note using their favorite song, sing along and rhyme it with "I’m sorry" phrases. You can easily replace the chorus with "I’m sorry" and "I love you."

16. Order their favorite food to their office and attach a note on it "I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry." Something thoughtful and will bring an instant smile to their face. 

17. This method will definitely involve lots and lots of research. Write down "I’m sorry" in so many languages until it forms a long list. Roll up the paper, make extra copies of it, distribute it everywhere and make it visible for them.

18. Buy your hubby a bag of Hershey's Kisses and leave little "You're the best kisser", "I love you" and "I'm sorry" notes inside.

19. Put together a collage of your old photos together and send it to their house or hang it in their bedroom. Of course with "I’m sorry" notes attached on it.

20.  A creative way to say I'm sorry is to arrange to deliver balloons at your loved one’s home with "I’m sorry I am such a mess" written on it. 

21. Buy a new pair of flip-flops and attach a "I will make things flip instead of flop if you forgive me."

22. Get an "I’m sorry" T-shirt and wear it around them all day long. It's worth the embarrassment. 

23. Using a marker, write down countless "I'm sorry" on the toilet paper and roll it over again neatly. 

24. Secretly put "I’m sorry and I won't stop until you accept my apology" notes in your loved one's pocket, socks, laptop bag, sunglasses case, and car mirror, etc.

Main Image Credits: Andie Avery Photography

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