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| by Jasmine Kamal

That's How a Christmas Night Spent All Alone Can Be a Perfect One

When it comes to spending it alone, we consider the question "What plans do you have on Christmas night?" a sad or sometimes embarrassing one. It's time to know that spending festive nights on our own can be extremely fun if you decide so!

Whether it's because you live abroad on your own or you just moved out or ended a relationship, you can still do very simple steps to get yourself spending a great evening. First and foremost, let go of any negative feelings towards being 'on your own', and then, check the following tips to explore how your own self can be the best companion on Christmas night!

1. Grab the chance of not having any NO's for any choice you make

Being alone means that you have many choices that will suit you, and that you have zero possibilities of cancelling out any of them just because they don't suit someone else! Be happy for the fact that you will do what will make you 100% comfortable with no external factors ruining your mood! In other words, the struggles that usually occur in every gathering whether concerning what to eat or which movie to watch won't just be there! Excited enough? What are you waiting for! Grab a pen and paper and write down your plans for that night!

2. Prepare a perfectly appealing set up!

This will help you a lot getting over the buzzing idea that it will feel so sad spending such a night alone. Psychologically speaking, preparing a delicious meal or ordering your favorite pizza while getting your favorite movie ready to play will get you excited. Make a tasty hot drink or grab a colorful bowl of the caramel pop corn you love, while you read the book you bought months ago and never got the chance to check out. You can even light some scented candles, or even do them yourself!

3. If you don't want to stay home, you can still blast it like this!

Why not reserve a table at a restaurant with a view or even at a place with rustic, Christmas-y vibes? Put on a fashionable outfit and wear the red lipstick you've been saving for a special occasion, and don't settle till you take the perfect selfie with the outfit of the day. Hang out on your own and try a new cuisine. Feeling that you could actually enjoy your own company is an achievement. Pamper yourself; don't wait for someone to join you. I mean, why not finish your meal and have a solo walk to streets you've never been to. Downtown will be a perfect choice to walk through for the night.

4. Take it to the next level, and go on a mini solo trip

Whether domestically or abroad, pack and go on a Christmas trip to a destination that will detach you from the daily stresses. If you still have concerns about which country you will be safe travelling to, we already tackled that matter in a previous article. You can check it and book your flight afterwards! Grab this chance, and I promise it would be something your future self would surely thank you for.

5. Your own self deserves a gift, so do it!

Why not reward yourself on the year's achievements, and pamper yourself a bit? If your savings won't make it to a trip budget, head to the nearest store and buy that one thing you've been wishing for the past months. Believe me, this will boost your mood like no other thing!

Main image credits: Instagram @tezza

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