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| by Ola Moheb

How to Perfectly Handle and Prevent Your Kid's First Day of School Panic

Overwhelming happiness and drowning anxiety. These are the two main emotions a mother faces when saying goodbye to her kids on their first day of school. We can't deny that there's a side of us excited for the newness of  those daily hours of freedom and unchaining from responsibility, however, it also comes with intense fear and worrying about your baby having to sit on a desk for most of the day and follow certain rules that they're not accustomed to. 

Here are some tips from one mother to another to help you deal with the first day of school blues and reduce your stress

For the kids:

1. Lunch Box:

Avoid giving your kids food that is new to them or unfamiliar, thinking it will make them happy. Try giving them their favorite food. It will give them comfort since adding something surprising wouldn't be good for them on this uneasy day.

2. Getting ready for school: 

Avoid showing them any forms of worry or crying while getting them ready to go. Talk to them about your first day of school and how exciting it is. If you show them panic, they will see this as a sign of negativity and worry.

3. Wrist watch:

Give your baby a watch that day so they feel like they're older and more responsible. Show them on the watch that you'll be arriving when the clock hands reach 'here'. This will relax them a bit and make them have more trust, something they can go back to, to relax.

4. Cute gestures: 

In their lunchbox, place a cute note like, "I can't wait to hear all about your first day" or any other note or cute gesture

5. Favorite toy: 

Make sure that small toys are allowed in school, and you can pack with their favorite toy to give them comfort.


The First Day of School:

1. Talk to the teacher:

Try talking to their teacher in front of them in a nice, calm way. That way, they can see that you trust their teacher and that she's safe person to feel calm around.

2. Talk to other mothers:

Talk to mothers and their kids and get to know their names. This way you can help your kid easily make friends and get introduced.

3. When saying goodbye: 

Stay away from the drama, try not to cry in front of them or attach them too long in hug for that causes them to worry and get more attached to you at that point. Say goodbye to them like you normally do, ensuring them that you will pick them up at a certain time.

For the mom: if you're extremely worried about your kid, you should know...

1. This is a new chapter, you're child could be on the path of making his lifetime friends.

2. This is the chance for you to finally get the 'me time' you've been missing out on. Get some rest and catch up on the things you can't do when you have your kid to take care of.

3. If you had a really bad first day of school experience, that doesn't mean that he/she will too.

4. Remember that this a normal day and a new experience that is good for them to start getting used to unfamiliar settings.

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