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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

Marsa Allam: The Primitive Place Where I Found Myself and My Inner Peace!

I used to travel a lot with my family when I was younger to different cities in Egypt, and let me tell you, it is full of magical destinations, we just haven't discovered them all yet! Now, Marsa Allam has newly become one of my favorite places on earth. It's so primitive, yet you're going to fall in love with it. How did this happen? Let me tell you...

Along with a friend, I took a plane from Cairo to Marsa Allam, and we arrived after an hour and a half. My other friends took the car the night before, which took them about 7 hours to get there. I would've gone with my friends and would've chosen the road trip, but my parents preferred that I take the plane.

After arrival, we rode a shuttle bus to go to the Eco-lodge we were staying in. My friends have already been there many times, and they kept assuring me that it's nothing like any other place they stayed in before! And thus, we arrived in Marsa Shagra, this magical place dedicated to divers and people who appreciate nature.

Marsa Allam - Best places in egypt - travel and tourism - travel places

First, of, I'll tell you about the rooms. They were very clean and tidy, calm too because they were basically a bunch of chalets thrown in the middle of nowhere. Most of the rooms have no TVs or air conditioners, just a few ones have. And if you live in the city, then you probably walk a little or don't walk at all. So, prepare yourself for long walks from your room to the restaurant and to the beach. I found that very tiring the first day, but then I loved the fact that I was actually using my body again.

Marsa Allam - Best places in egypt - travel and tourism - travel places

Can I also mention that this place is the safest in Egypt, I forgot my room keys on the beach once, and came back a few hours later to find them right in the same place. And the staff was friendly and helpful, you really feel at home.

Coming to the exiting part, the diving! All of the people I was with on this trip were divers, and they tried really hard to convince me to do it as a trial. But, I was so scared I kept on delaying it until the very last day before I was leaving. And I regret it, I should've done it from the first day, so I could do it every day during my stay! Marsa Shagra's divers are so helpful and friendly, so they made the experience easy and safe. And the world under the sea is enchanting and indescribable. The corals' colors were so vivid, it felt like I was in a dream. And, the most important part to tell, is that everyone in Marsa Shagra is keen to keep the corals safe and alive. 

Marsa Allam - Best places in egypt - travel and tourism - travel places

Note: For the people looking for adrenaline, you can also dive with sharks in Marsa Allam!

Marsa Allam - Best places in egypt - travel and tourism - travel places

No trip is complete without food, or at least for me. Marsa Shagra fed us three times a day, like very big meals. The food may not be very delicious, but it tastes like home food, which is clean, warm and nice. After all, you're allowed to fill your room with snacks as much as you want.

Marsa Allam - Best places in egypt - travel and tourism - travel places 

As a conclusion, Marsa Shagra in Marsa Allam is one of the calmest and most relaxing places you can go to. All you need is good company, snacks, and some music to enjoy your time there. And we need to be in a place like this to disconnect from the busy, hectic and fast life we live every day. In Marsa Allam I found inner peace for a few days, I even found myself again.

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