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How to Plan the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Your friend is the bride-to-be, you're taking a big part of it and wondering how to plan the perfect bachelorette party? You better make sure you throw her a bachelorette party before sending her off into a whole other world, where she is officially a wife. The most important thing about how to plan a bachelorette party is knowing what suits the bride-to-be best. Some brides don't really like the party scene, some are looking for something low-key and some can't wait to begin their full night of bar hopping. Well, whichever type of bride they are, there are certain things that must be included while planning a perfect bachelorette party, after all it is a night to remember!

Starting off at the top of the list, there are two things that must be bought in every bachelorette, as no bachelorette party can be done without them. You will need the lollipop diamond ring or even the one that lights up, and a bride to be crown preferably with a veil. Do tell the bride not to wear her diamond ring on that night of her bachelorette party, you want to avoid any accidents that might end the night in disaster. Plus the lollipop ring is much bigger and brighter. Once you have these two things, let the fun begin.

1. A box of goodies

Of course there is no bachelorette party without presents, and we all know the brides' presents are always the most fun. Find a big box, and fill it with a lot of goodies for your bride to be to take with her, she will be thanking you for a really long time. Normally the bride-to-be stocks up on some lingerie before her wedding night, however it's up to the bride's friends to buy the unexplainable. A few samples from Agent Provocateur can't hurt, the Cynthia garter, the Lucienne suspenders , the Daniellah corset, just to name a few. The honeymoon period happens only once, you might as well go all out for your bride to be and give her something memorable on her bachelorette party. The box is almost full, for the remaining space why not go for something personalized. For example the Sexy Little Things Bridal Robe by Victoria's Secret, with the word bride engraved in glitter across the back. Perhaps even the Victoria's Secret Cheekini Panty, with 'Just Married' crystal embroidered on to the back. 

2. Pole dancing classes

You loaded up your box of goodies, it's wrapped and ready to give to your bride on her bachelorette party, time to break a sweat. Sign up the bride to be for some pole dancing classes and give it to her as a gift during her bachelorette. A man will never say no to that, and there is something about pole dancing classes that will make her feel extremely sexy. It's an empowering workout, giving her a boost of energy and endorphins the night before her wedding. 

3. A spa treatment

Every woman loves herself some pampering. Before her bachelorette party, book a day at the spa for the bride to be and yourselves (the bride's entourage), that way she can cool off in a very relaxing environment, and kiss away all her worries. Be sure to include a body treatment for the bride that involves some exfoliation and smoothing body oils; she'll be glowing with flawless skin on her wedding day and her bachelorette party as well.

4. Flirty games

At this point of the day, it's time for some good old fashioned fun; games and quizzes. It's always fun to sit your bride in the middle amongst her friends and quiz her during her bachelorette part. Gather up a bunch of questions about the groom ranging from his favorite color, to what type of underwear he prefers, watch your bride blush with happiness and see if she answers correctly. Another fun game is the 'Toilet Wedding Paper Challenge.' At the bachelorette party, divide yourselves up into two teams and see which team can make an entire wedding dress with veil faster than the other. 

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