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| by Salma Ihab

30 Creative Activities to Do With Your Kids

Many moms look for creative activities to entertain and play with their children if they are going to be at home for a long period of time, as no one wants their children to be glued to their smartphones or tablets all day. Kids need to be more active in order to keep their minds stimulated and their energies released in a healthy manner, which is why we know you're always looking for fun activities for kids to do at home and outside. Here are 30 Creative Activities to Do With Your Kids, to ensure that your children never say, "I'm bored."

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Here are some fun things to do at home with your kids to keep them entertained all day:

1. Going Into the Kitchen Together

You may believe that cooking or baking with your children is difficult, but it is not. It'll be a lot of fun for them and you, especially if they're making their favorite desserts, such as a chocolate cake or cupcake, and they get to decorate it afterward. You could also ask them to help you make pizza. You can get ready-made dough and just add the toppings and sauce.

If your children are young, such as toddlers, I believe they can assist you in mixing the ingredients, and decorating will be super easy for them.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Pinterest 

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2. Make a fort from blankets and pillows

One of our favorite memories from our childhood is building castles and forts, and you can do that too with your kids. Use blankets and pillows to make a cool castle with them that they'd love to play in.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: The Littles and Me

3. Have a movie night with your kids 

Another fun activity to do at home with your children is to have a movie night, and you can prepare for the day by making snacks such as popcorn. You can also decorate the house and let your children do arts and crafts. You can invite their friends over and possibly get a projector to give them the cinema experience at home with pillows and drapes.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Instagram @lifebyleanna

4. Play with Legos

Children enjoy playing with their parents, and Lego sets are toys that both children and adults can enjoy. It's also a great way to be creative and stimulate their cognitive sensory skills; you can build a random shape and have them try to copy you, then you let them build a random shape and try to copy them, which will help them a lot with recognizing colors and shapes, and of course, when you tell them, "Let's build a castle out of legos," you're building their imagination.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Inner Child Fun

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5. Create a glove puppets theatre

This activity is great for kids of all ages; if they are still learning how to make full sentences, this will help them a lot with dialogues. If they are older, this will help with their creativity because they will start making up stories and letting their imagination run wild. You can buy ready-made puppets or make an arts and crafts activity in which they make their own puppets out of socks and attach googly eyes and mouths.

P.S. If you don't have a carton box, you can just hide behind the back of the couch.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Country Living 

6. Drawing and coloring 

If you believe your children have an interest in art and want to encourage them, you can get them coloring books and begin coloring with them. You can also introduce them to different types of color textures such as watercolors, crayons, and pencil colors. You can also print out their favorite cartoon characters for them to color. If you want to step it up a notch, get them to connect the dots books and let them color them. This will help with their drawing skills, and the next step is to let them copy simple drawings, and you will undoubtedly have a little artist.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Dabbles and Babbles

7. Make a fashion show

Another fun activity for your kids to enjoy at home is to pretend to be models in a fashion show. They can go creative with styling their outfits and you can have beautiful memories with them as their photographer taking pictures of them on the runway.

8. Audio Books and Tales

You can download or buy audio books for your kids to listen to every now and then. It's a great way for them to learn how to read because they'll be looking at the words and listening to how they sound. You can begin with simple books and gradually progress to bigger books. They will begin to enjoy reading books so much, which will help in their imagination growth. If you have something to do, you'll be surprised at how quiet the house will become once you turn it on and how engaged they will be with the book. 

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Mother

9. Play with makeup and nail polish

You can turn your day into a pampering session with your kids, dolling them up with kid-friendly makeup and nail polish colors. Apply a hair mask or a homemade face mask that is safe for your child's face. If you don't want your children to use toxic nail polish on their nails, try the idea in the video. The most important thing is that you have fun and take lots of pictures for the memories.

10. Become a scientist

Almost every family has a child who enjoys science and experiments. Why not amuse them by performing simple science experiments such as adding vinegar to a small amount of baking soda and watching it fizz? The internet is so full of creative ideas that you could devote an entire week to science experiments, trying something new every day and watching them be impressed.

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11. Hide and seek

Who doesn't love to play the classic hide and seek? It was one of my favorite games when I was young and I still play it with kids in my family. You will have lots of fun playing it with your children at home.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Istock Photo 

12. Board Games 

Playing board games with your children at home is one of the things you can do with them; it is always enjoyable and will ensure you spend a few hours engaged and entertained. You can play monopoly or UNO if they are older. If they are younger, you can introduce them to simpler games.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Sarah Hart Photography

13. Clay play

There has never been a child who did not enjoy playing with clay and forming it into various shapes and figures. It can be one of the activities that kids can do at home to improve their creativity and sensory-motor skills. You can buy ready-made clay or make it at home; all you need is flour, water, vinegar, and salt to make it not too sticky, and you can add food coloring to make colorful dough. If you have a toddler and are concerned about them eating it, it is very safe, and if you have the ready-made dough, make sure it is edible just in case.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Pinterest 

14. Charades

It is one of the best games that both children and adults enjoy, in which each person acts out a scene from a show or movie using only gestures and no words. You could also do one with cards and have them act out what they see in the cards. If you have a big family, you can divide it into two groups.

If you want more fun game ideas, but for adults...you will love these.

15. Singing Games

This is so fun for kids, you can create song and dance choreo where the kids pick a song that they can perform and dance to and you can even share it with your friends and family later on. 

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16. Blowing bubbles

Wasn't this everyone's favorite? If you don't have a store-bought bubble blower, you can make your own by adding some soap to a bowl and blowing bubbles with straws. It will keep them entertained for hours. If you have a small toddler, you can blow bubbles for them and they will try to pop them.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image credits: Stocksy 

17. Jenga

Who doesn't love Jenga? Even we still play it. It can definitely help entertain your children at home. 

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Instagram @familia_pumpkin

18. Musical Chairs

How many are you? 4. Grab 3 chairs, place them in a circle, play music, and walk around the chairs in a circle. The person responsible for the music (who isn't participating) gets to stop the music at any random time and you all have to sit down as quickly as possible. The last one standing loses and leaves the game. Now remove a chair and so on...

via Gfycat

19. Throw a dance party

Simply put on some music and start dancing your feet off; you can even teach each other new dance moves. It's a fun activity that will undoubtedly expend some of their energy and put a smile on everyone's face.

20. Do a puzzle 

A good puzzle will help your children develop their creative, cognitive, and problem-solving abilities. Puzzles are an excellent way to spend quality time with your children. You can start with the easy ones, which are small pieces, and work your way up to the more difficult ones. Time will pass quickly.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Shutterstock 

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Here are some fun things to do outside with your kids to keep them entertained throughout the day.

1. Jumping rope 

Most kids enjoy games that involve a lot of movement, so they'll enjoy this one. You can even set some challenges for your children. So, put on some music and start jumping with your child; it's also a great form of exercise for you.

2. Treasure hunt

Hide some items around the house, both inside and outside, such as in the living room and the garden or balcony. Give them a drawing map with clues and they begin following the clues to find the treasure, such as sweets or small gifts in a box to make them feel like it's an actual treasure. It will also be very fun if you invite their friends over and they all play together.

3. A bike ride

You can go for a bike ride with them and even race them to see who will win; if your kids don't know how to ride a bike, now is the time to teach them and have them start racing each other.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Kid Bikes

4. Make a bird feeder

Do you want to increase your children's love for animals? Here's a fun way to do it. Make a DIY bird feeder art and craft project. Make them color the box and draw whatever artsy stuff they want on it, and then cut out the areas for the birds to eat from. You can hang it on your balcony or in your garden and fill it with bird food, such as rice, and let them refill the box every day.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Crayola

5. Start a gardening project

It's nice to get your kids out in nature and let them do some planting, such as getting plants and allowing them to water them every day. You can also get plain planting pots and have your children color them before you start planting in them. It's always nice to encourage your children's art and display it around the house. Planting is excellent for sensory-motor development because it exposes them to a wide range of stimuli.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Backwoods Mama

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6. Gather and paint rocks

Take your children on a walk and allow them to collect rocks to paint on later. Prepare to be astounded by all the inventive things they will create on this rock. It's a fun activity because it gets them out of the house and running around looking for rocks, as well as bringing out their creative side with all of the ideas they'll come up with to paint on their rocks. When they have finished gathering the rocks they have, they will be very eager to go on the next walk to gather more.

Fun activities to do with your kids

Image Credits: Istock

7. Take them to a dance class

If your children enjoy dancing, take them to a dance class and let them try something new, such as ballet, tap dancing, or even hiphop to get those tiny feet moving.

8. An art class (Online/ Off-line)

You can enroll your children in an art class. it's a good idea for them to learn how to draw and color. if your schedule is tight and you don't have time to drive them to an Off-line art class, You can enroll them to an online art class;. You will be able to encourage their creative side and watch them draw and learn, and you will be able to hang their art later on.

9. Take them to a fun kid's camp

Many places now have kids' camps where they can have fun and make new friends.

10. Museum of illusions 

If you want to spend some quality time with your family, take them to the Museum of Illusions, which is now open in Egypt, and enjoy all of the amusing photos you'll be taking.

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