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| by Mai Atef

Domestic Violence: How to Find Safety and the Possible Solutions

Throughout history many women, and men, have faced and suffered from domestic violence. And because most people are in quarantine and stuck at home these days, there could be a rise in the issue and harder chance to find an escape and release from that horrific experience. A lot of women could feel stuck and unable to defend themselves, which shouldn't have to be the case. There are ways you can help yourself and get rid of this domestic abuse

How to Spot an Abusive Man?

Overcome your fear

You have to try and overcome that fear that tells you, you're weak and tells you to stay silent so that you keep your family together or so that you don't lose the person you love. Well in fact it has been shown that domestic abuse can have a very negative and traumatic impact on children and it is always better to try and find a healthier environment for them, even if it means their parents are not together anymore.

5 Signs You Should End Your Relationship.

Places at home

If you are subjected to domestic violence, find a place in your home where you can escape for a while and shield yourself from him, when things bet bad. Like a room with a lock or you can even try, if you can, to leave the house and go stay at a friend's place or family. Also avoid resorting to narrow spaces, if you're getting away from him, so it's not easy for him to corner you. 

Why Do We Accept Abuse?

Don't fall for the apologies

No matter how much he says he loves you, he's sorry and he will change, you need to get out and it's not your job to forgive or help him get better. A lot of men tend to apologize and promise change after hurting you, but you know deep down that this will not happen.  It's a never ending cycle of apologies, romance, being better and then things go back to the way they were with potentially even more violence. That's why you need to work really hard on not letting his words get to you and try to find a way to get rid of this violence, wether it's through reporting him or leaving him. 

Has Abuse in Relationships Become too Common?

Find your confidence and power, it's there...

Try not to ever blame yourself for his anger or actions. Trust yourself and don't lose faith in your strength. And if he's constantly threatening you and scaring you by saying he'll take the children from you, try to stay aware and confident that you are capable of defeating him and with the help  of your loved ones, you can keep your children even when you leave him.

Ask for help from friends or family

Try to minimize your time and exposure to him so you can protect yourself. It is preferable that you stay away from being with him at home during a period like this, try to stay with your family or friends and of course ideally, find the strength to speak up and seek help from friends, family or even your neighbors if things get really bad.

Is Neglect Really the Worst Form of Abuse?

Leave the house

Of course it is one of the hardest things to leave, and he will probably try his hardest to stop you from going, possibly with violence. Try to think smartly, calmly and pick a moment when he's not at home, like asking him to go get the groceries or cash, and then leave and stay at someone you trust. 

Domestic Violence Hotline Egypt

There are hotlines that you can call if you're being subjected to violence, and these numbers are announced by then women's council in Egypt: 01205575331, 01121997477, 01007525600. In addition to their role in educating women to know their rights in the constitution.

Men Aren't the Only Ones Abusing Women.

Resort to legal action

You can always resort to resolving and ending this relationship legally, with the help of lawyers. You can also file a physical violence law suit to ensure you get all your rights and finalize the divorce the way you want it..

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