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Manar El Mokadem Introduces Us to Pole Fit Egypt

Pole fit classes have been buzzing a lot lately. So, we decided to have a quick chat with Manar El Mokadem, founder of Pole Fit Egypt.

Who said working out can't be fun and sexy? Check out all the details you need to know about Pole Fit Egypt below.

You are known as Mint, tell us about your nickname.

My entire nursery from wall colour to potty was mint. When I was born, my family was lost for names, so they decided to call me Mint temporarily. I was named Manar after my mother, it was impossible to have two Manars in the same house, so Mint stuck and it's what I answer to!

When was your first encounter with pole fitness?

In 2010, when I went to university in the UK.

What made you start Pole Fit classes in Egypt?

I came back to Egypt after university and I wanted to do pole fitness with other people, since I was already an instructor it only made sense to teach here.

What advice would you give to someone who has never taken a Pole Fit class before?

Don't be afraid, you have no idea what your body is already capable of. Also, we give hugs!

Sexy is… 

Comfort and confidence with ones physique.

Would you say pole fitness is a sport for the mind or the body?

Both, it depends on the mind and it works for the body.

What would you say to a woman who is insecure about her body?

Pole and pole, pole, pole.

What are the benefits of a pole fitness class for the body?

It tones your body. Develops your strength, flexibility, stamina and it improves your core and balance drastically.

Tell us a trick to stay a positive person.

When you are upset, check www.fmylife.com you will either feel better about your life or laugh.

How can a woman be more confident?

By doing things. Go out and do something, do it for yourself. Self-achievement is the key for confidence.

Girls compete with each other. Women empower one another. Do you agree?

Most definitely.

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