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| by The Fustany Team

Getting to Know Dipesh Depala

We had the chance to interview Dipesh Depala of the all time famous Redvelvetnation.com, the blog we personally are big fans of, as it’s not only fabulous and full of glamorous snaps but also so much fun to read. 

When and how did Red Velvet Nation start? And what do you enjoy the most about it?

I started RVN in March last year. I love reporting about the glamorous people, out and about on the party and social scene. And occasionally I also like to bring to my readers the other side of the style coin, but always with humor and with a light hearted approach.

Can you tell us more about the posts and pictures on RVN and how you make your selections?

There is no method as such to the people, products and parties that I feature. It really is all about what catches my eye, and who in my opinion, looks great.  The images are all mine, and almost always taken by me. It could be an entire look, or a bag, a shoe, or even a particular moment at a party that could grab my attention, and I will snap it.

It’s not often that you see a man who has amazing style opinions. What are the 5 big DOs & DON’Ts you can advice every woman with?  

Thank you, that is very kind of you to say. I don’t profess to preach good style. I merely express my own personal views about it. The DOs would include:

1. Let only one element of your entire look make the statement.

2. Let your hemline get longer, as you get older.

3. Keep your hands and feet in mint condition

4. Ensure that your clothes fit well

5. Invest in good shoes. 

As for the DON'Ts:

1. Wear too much make up

2. Cover yourself in logos

3. Dress like a teenager, when you are clearly not

4. Wear shoes that are either too small or too big

5. Overcrowd your look with too many distractions


Who do you consider a fashion icon?

Tom Ford. He is an icon for both, men and women. Men aspire to dress like him, and have his charisma and drive.  And women aspire to be dressed by him! He is a true fashion phenomenon of our time. 

Talk to us more about The Qode?

The Qode is a luxury Brand management and communication consultancy that I started with my business partner, Ayman Fakoussa a year ago. We provide brand and communication advice, and services for luxury brands, both established, as well as ones wanting to enter the Middle East region. We also have conceptualized and produced many events for various luxury brands in the UAE. It’s a very interesting arena, and I am really enjoying working on this new business.

Three things you can’t live without would be?  

My camera, My computer, and the peace of mind I get from my family!

What do you think of the Middle Eastern Fashion scene?

People love fashion in the Middle East, and the fashion scene is slowly becoming more and more interesting. However, there are relatively few people who have a true individual sense of style.  That seems to be changing slowly. 

What are your biggest achievements in terms of both your business and RVN?

In business I have had many over the years. As for RVN, it is only just over a year old, and already it has become a very widely read and respected blog the world over! I have also won the Grazia Style Awards 2012 in the ‘Best Style Blogger’ category which is fun.

How do people react when you ask them to have their picture taken for RVN? 

People seem to be thrilled when I ask them to pose for me. I have only ever been refused twice! In fact it has often happened that I have asked someone if I can take a picture, and they have been skeptical as they do not know me. When I tell them what it is for, the reaction I get is priceless! “Oh, of course you can take my picture!’ they say and jump into a pose! That has happened many times, and that is one of the best indicators that people love and respect RVN. Makes me smile every time!

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