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| by Nahla El Kazak

Why Virgos are the Best of the Zodiac Signs

Virgos are by far the best Zodiac sign (I’m a Virgo so yes I’m biased). So, to all the Virgos out there this is one is for you, and if you're not a Virgo, here’s why I actually believe this:

They are Practical:

Just as the word practical implies, Virgo is a sign of action. Instead of talking about it, they take matters into their own hands. They like to plan ahead, know where they’re going. They don’t make hasty or emotional decisions. 

Virgos Are Loyal:

Although they’re very loyal partners and friends, they’re never clingy. They can take a long time to open up and are usually picky about who to let into their inner circle, but once they do, they’re in it for the long haul. 

They Take Care of Their Health:

Just like any other detail in their lives, Virgos pay good attention to their health. They treat their bodies with respect and don’t take their well-being lightly. They usually have a workout routine going on.

They Are Analytical:

There is a reason why Virgos make the best tax auditors and statisticians. Yup, you guessed it, it’s because of their analytical skills and eye for detail. My first job was an application tester, and although it’s a job most people would find very boring, which is true I have to say, but I loved catching the errors and bugs.

Notorious Perfectionists:

Not exactly a good thing, but we can still give them credit for this trait. Virgos like things done right. They just don’t know when a job is truly completed so they keep perfecting it.

They’re Quite Reliable:

When Virgos commit to do something, they do it. Just like that. They have high sense of responsibility and commitment. You can also rely on them for good advice. Virgos are usually rational and don’t come to a conclusion without thinking it over thoroughly. 

They Know What they’re Talking About:

They say never argue with a Virgo, they almost always have their facts straight. Virgos are indeed avid learners. They never seem to stop learning, which puts them among the most intelligent Zodiac signs. You can find them relentlessly digging up a topic and devouring all they can read, always looking for ways to improve. They’re usually quite knowledgeable (obviously) and that’s why Virgos can’t tolerate stupid and ignorant people. 

They’re Often Hardworking:

They are the workaholics. Ok now that’s not really a good thing. But they do work hard, and because they love it they can easily get lost in what they’re doing. They won’t let anything stand in their way before they finish the task at hand. Although they never brag about it, but once you trust a Virgo with a job, you can rest assured that they will get it done. 

And They’re Elegant:

Think Prince Harry, elegance is for the Virgin sign. They’re chic and refined yet simple. And guess which sign is most compatible with a Virgo? A fellow Virgo! Turns out that Virgos of a feather flock together. According to a study conducted in 1998 by mathematician Gunther Sachs, he found that Virgo women marry Virgo men most often. It makes sense kind of. Who can be more understanding and appreciative to Virgo’s unique traits than another Virgo?

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