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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Third Week of October 2014

Aries: Time to explore new things, but don’t go in full force, as there’s no need to rush. Take things one step at a time.

Taurus: We have two things to tell you this week. The first is that casual dating will not do the trick anymore and you’ll soon find yourself wanting to go exclusive. As for the second, keep your bags packed, you’re quite the jetsetter.

Gemini: It’s all about pushing hard when it comes to work this week and staying focused. You’ll see how important it’ll be for you.

Cancer: It’s now or never! Time to express what’s going on inside of you, because bottling up won’t do anyone any good. Put yourself as a priority.

Leo: You’ll get to experience a few new things which are quite exciting. The best thing about it? Well, besides the obvious, you’ll also get to learn about new ways to entertain yourself.

Virgo: The three Cs come to pay you a visit this week! As in communication, connections and creativity. You'll find yourself being extra creative with others so don't shy away. You might even form lifetime friends along the way.

Libra: While most of us enjoy luxury, you’ll invent a new meaning for it. This week is all about enjoying the things you can afford, aka “luxury on a budget”.

Scorpio: This week you’ll start growing fonder of someone you’ve recently met, but don’t make the mistake of putting them ahead of your passion again.

Sagittarius: You’re full of energy and want to push your hardest, but you’ll soon fall into a phase where you’re no longer sure if you’re actually doing what you’re passionate about. Is it too much of a load for you? We recommend you think things through before taking a big decision.

Capricorn: You’re building up something new and exciting starting this week. Be it a relationship, new friendships or a project. One piece of advice, don’t be too stubborn to listen to other people’s advice.

Aquarius: You’re full of determination and all you can think about is how to reach your goals, which is definitely a good thing. But if it leads to ignoring the people around you, then stop for a second and prioritize.

Pisces: Ready for expanding? Be it work or relationships, you’re ready to take on new things and try out stuff you weren’t comfortable with before.

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