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Weekly Horoscopes: Second Week of October 2015

Aries: A challenge in disguise will be coming your way, stay focused so you can take it on and excel. 

Taurus: When was the last time you called an old friend? Free up some time this week, and remember those who stood by you over time.

Gemini: Sometimes people show their true colors after a certain period of time. Remember that the next time you decide to trust someone new.

Cancer: This week has a few good surprises waiting for you, be sure to say yes to whatever comes your way. 

Leo: Escape your thoughts and live in the present. How can you do that? Start by simply putting your thoughts on to paper, and watch what will happen.

Virgo: You know those dreams you have sitting at the back of your mind? It is time to make them come true, if anyone can do it, it's you.

Libra: When things seem bad, keep your eyes open for the lesson that needs to be learned throughout the process.

Scorpio: Just when you think you have none to be there for you, someone from your past will walk in and make you realize they were always in front of you.

Sagittarius: You seem to be doubting yourself a lot lately, however, this is just a test, so make sure you pass. Believe in yourself because you have the capability. 

Capricorn: When the stars align, it is usually a sign of a strike of good luck coming your way, so keep your head up high. 

Aquarius: Fate is a tricky business, and no mater what you do, you can never tempt fate. It is what it is and always will be.

Pisces: Wake up that sleeping heart of yours and face your fears, that is where the magic happens. 

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