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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Second Week of February 2015

Aries: Waiting is not your strongest virtue although you’ve been doing that for quite some time. What’s exciting though, is that the wait will soon be over and you’ll love the outcome.

Taurus: It’s one of two directions for you and they’re the extreme opposite. Always remember, change is good, and you need to push for trying out new things constantly. Until you reach the decision that has been constantly on your mind, it’s fine to put your energy into work.

Gemini: You’re getting into something new and this time it’s not just about you, but it also involves another person. The key here is to learn using the number two, think for two people, not just yourself and things will turn out great.

Cancer: Put your great organizing skills to full use and start putting things into order, after all you’ve been delaying it for quite some time and now you’ll truly be relieved to get it out of the way.

Leo: It’s the time to change your lifestyle a bit, shake things around and experiment exciting activities. We also recommend incorporating healthier activities and turning them into a routine. Sounds good?

Virgo: Never stay longer than you should and always have a backup plan that can be executed as fast as possible. We all know that being in a place that doesn’t make you happy nor appreciates your many talents isn’t good for you, and of course that’s when you get pretty moody.

Libra: Doing things your way only is not a great idea. Let your ego take a step down and work on your ability to listen to people around you to reach a compromise.

Scorpio: Lots of exciting opportunities coming along your way, whether it’s work-related, relationships, new friends or even experiences. All you need to do is know when to turn them down and when to actually go for it.

Sagittarius: It’s hard to express yourself, that’s pretty clear by now, but holding on to something you need to let out will make you bottle up on those feelings, and the outcome might not be great. Do it!

Capricorn: A very special relationship in your life is moving on to the next step, and you’re finally ready to take it to the next level. That excitement will take the form of a very charming vibe, which you can use to easily convince people around you whether with work-related issues or family matters.

Aquarius: Before rushing into anything new, you should be sure you’re ready for taking such a step. You usually have lots of second thoughts, which might affect your decisions negatively. Always stop and think things thoroughly.

Pisces: You don’t like having things organized, flowing into a structured routine, and that’s due to your dreamy nature, but sometimes in life you need to step up and lead the way. In that case, routine and structure is the only way.

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