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Weekly Horoscopes: Fourth Week of October 2015

Aries: Nothing can buy happiness, it comes from within, so instead of looking on the outside, look on the inside. 

Taurus: Thoughts circle the mind, like a shark circles its prey. Remember to jot down your ideas on to paper from time to time, or in the end, your prey will figure out a way to escape. 

Gemini: Only you, can take the first step in any journey of self-discovery, so book that ticket or RSVP yes to your next adventure.

Cancer: If you spend so much time worrying about yesterday and tomorrow, you will lose track of today and the cycle goes on and on. 

Leo: There is nothing wrong with having a preference or opinion, and if those around you are not okay with it, maybe they should not be around you.

Virgo: A great love steers your way, so focus on the good traits of the person, for if you focus on the negative, you will see only the bad. 

Libra: Some people need to filter their words, you are not one of them! Speak your mind and pour your heart out to get some peace. 

Scorpio: As the stars scatter across the sky, your week brings a source of mess. Put things into order before starting your work.

Sagittarius: 'Yes' is the word for you this week! Whenever an opportunity comes, just say yes and let the magic happen.

Capricorn: While it may be right to stay clear of the selfish ones around you; think about it, shouldn’t their honesty keep you around?

Aquarius: Taking a few step backs may not always be a bad thing, just remember not to shut the door or you just might lose your chance.

Pisces: While it may seem like an impulse to satisfy that itch, the true test is seeing how well you handle yourself. 

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