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Weekly Horoscopes: Fourth Week of March 2015

Aries: It’s time to pick yourself up and not let one unfortunate situation get the best of you. It’s all in your own hands, and if you don’t have your best interest in mind, who would?

Taurus: They say love makes things a bit blurry, and that has been the case for you for quite some time. The good news however is that your emotional intelligence is about to reach a new level, which will help you see things clearer than anyone else. Use that for yourself and to help friends who need it.

Gemini: A relationship you’re currently in, or getting into could go through some bumps. But the best piece of advice we can give you to get through this, is to limit your stubbornness just a bit and try to see things from your partner’s perspective.

Cancer: Time to impress them! Yes, you’re going to put your A game on and work your magic in business meetings like no one else can. Are you ready?

Leo: You’re feeling adventurous and maybe the time has come for you to take that risk you've been considering for a while. If you do decide to go for it, make sure you can pull it through.

Virgo: Have you been puzzled lately and not sure where to find the truth? Your intuition does it best, take time to think, and it’ll help you take the lead on where to look first.

Libra: Focus on your biggest strength, which is building solid partnerships with people around you. Having your back when you least expect it, is one of the biggest benefits of those partners.

Scorpio: What does it take to accomplish your goals? For starters, hard work, the right people around you, the right kind of motivation, among many other things. But the question is, are you ready to push that hard? We think you are!

Sagittarius: Don’t let the many exciting things around you distract you. Instead, be very selective on what you spend your time on, and push through until the end to reach your goal. You should be wise with yourself as you are with the ones around you.

Capricorn: You usually put yourself and needs first and other people second. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but this week we suggest you change things a bit. You’ll be surprised to see how much people around you appreciate it.

Aquarius: Deciding between two people who mean a lot to you isn't as hard as you think it is. The key is to consider the past mistakes you've done and look a bit further down the line to understand what will work on the long run best, not just now.

Pisces: Has someone been getting on your nerves lately? Don’t let them drag you into a maze of hidden messages and instead be honest and upfront about what you’re thinking. This will save you energy and bad communication.

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