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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: Fourth Week of June 2014

Aries: Believe it or not, you’re quite the charmer this week, and your words have quite the positive and might we add dazzling effect on people around you.

Taurus: It’s all in the little details, so make sure you stop and smell the roses. Oh, and don’t forget to think wisely in case of any conflict, you need to get things right this time.

Gemini: Romance is the word of the week. You’ll finally be able to see things clearly and make up your mind on who you’d like to go for. Get ready for some serious fireworks!

Cancer: Put compromising aside for a while, and instead of being in charge of everything, let others lead the way for a while. It’s a good chance for you to rest and rethink.

Leo: There’s nothing wrong with putting your goals aside for a week and just enjoy some daydreaming. It’s a great way to let go of any stress, and being chilled helps on so many levels.

Virgo: Are the goals you’re setting for yourself reasonable? We don’t want to see you over-work yourself and exhaust yourself. Think it through!

Libra: You’ll find yourself in a very dreamy place this week and we suggest you use it to plan a really fun vacation down to the details. You’ll thank us later for that advice!

Scorpio: No one can deny your charm the next period of time and especially next week. Don’t go for the first one who falls head over heels for you. Wait for the one who gives you that amazing butterflies in your stomach feeling.

Sagittarius: Things are about to get intense, and you’re finally able to talk about your emotions more freely. It’s just a matter of how you say it that’ll make a great difference. Also, you might need to get ready to ditch your fear of commitment.

Capricorn: Willpower is everything! We recommend you give it an extra push by going for some exciting sports that’ll motivate this side of yours even more.

Aquarius: Listen to what your heart is trying to tell you, you won’t regret acting on it instead of just ignoring like you usually do.

Pisces: You might always head towards the more exciting path when it comes to love, but how about you give the stable one a try just once?

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