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Weekly Horoscopes: Fourth Week of January 2015

Aries: You don’t usually give people a break and sometimes you’re pretty hard on them, but for some reason, this week you’ll let things go easily. Just take this into account, only give the ones who actually deserve it a break.

Taurus: Part of you is pulling you towards one direction and the other part is asking you to be reasonable and think things through. Which part will win? That’s a question only you could answer. In the meantime, take things slowly and explore your options!

Gemini: A power struggle is coming along your way and you want to stay in control. The best way to do so, is by reasoning with the person you’re struggling with.

Cancer: You won’t be able to ignore the obvious anymore and you’ll find yourself speaking up about things that have been bothering you for quite some time. Good for you!

Leo: Danger and challenges are two things you really love. What we suggest however is taking only calculated risks this week, in order not to jump into something that’s more powerful than you are.

Virgo: Timing is everything! If something is getting on your nerves, don’t wait until forever to voice out your opinion, but instead cease the moment and tackle it while things are still relevant. We repeat, don’t bottle things up.

Libra: You’re focusing strongly on your appearance, while ignoring your inner well-being, which is not necessarily the best thing you can do at the moment. Finding the right balance is everything.

Scorpio: Don’t let emotions get the best of you and a great way to overcome that, is with some tough love. Let people you trust the most give you a piece of their mind on things that have been confusing you.

Sagittarius: You’ll start feeling the urge to speed things up for yourself, but is that really the best or wisest thing at the moment? Slow things down a bit and focus on getting your creative side out instead.

Capricorn: You’ve been working harder than anyone else in the room and instead of pushing more and over-exhausting yourself, we recommend you take some time for yourself and just have some fun. Yes, fun! Remember that word?

Aquarius: Things are a bit messy on your side and instead of minding your own business, you’ll find yourself getting into other people’s personal space with the aim of helping them out. Caution though, not everyone will perceive it in a positive way.

Pisces: You’re getting emotional by the second and it’s like a ticking bomb that will let you make some irrational decisions. No, don’t let that side drive you to decisions you’ll end up regretting later. Get up and keep yourself busy. That’s the best way to overcome things!

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