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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: First Week of June 2015

Aries: It is time to reconnect with some of your friends. Call up some of your old school friends, or even host a reunion reminiscing about your fun old days.

Taurus: Can’t make a decision lately? Look for the signs, the answer is definitely out there somewhere, you just need to see it or believe it.

Gemini: This is your month. So step out of your comfort zone, and do something memorable. Have you ever went on a camel ride?

Cancer: Stop waiting for the people to approach you, and take matter into your own hands. Call up the people you have been meaning to call, and plan a fun night out.

Leo: It is time to head to the beach, lay in the sand and free your mind. Relax as much as you can to gear up for an invigorating month.

Virgo: How about you take a walk on the wild side? How about accepting that blind date? You never know, you may be about to meet the man of your dreams.

Libra: Work hard and play even harder. It is time to give your career all you have, but make sure to reward yourself with a whole lot of fun.

Scorpio: Stop complaining about your problems and do something about it. You will discover you are a lot stronger than you thought you were. 

Sagittarius: You will never know your true potential unless you try. Dive into the deep end and swim, you just might realize you are extremely talented. 

Capricorn: The worries of the world seem to land on your shoulders. Try to take a moment every day and take a step back and be grateful for what you have. 

Aquarius: Though things may seem extremely dark at the moment, it is always brighter on the other side. Stand strong and have faith, life only throws at you what you can handle.

Pisces: How about taking up a new hobby? Cooking, baking or even horse back-riding! You’ll wonder how you never tired such a fun thing before.

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