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Lifestyle Header image article main weekly horoscope first week of january 2014

| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes: First Week of January 2014

Aries: Feeling restless and looking for a great adventure? An exciting trip will come when you least expect it and it will leave you feeling refreshed.

Taurus: While last week was a bit messed up for you, this week things changed and you're seeing things much clearer.

Gemini: You've been missing that special someone for a long time but you weren't able to let them know how you feel. Things are about to take another turn for you, you'll finally have a chance to speak up.

Cancer: Lots of motivation up your sleeves will come your way and push you to finish up the work that has been piling up for a while. Go for it!

Leo: This week for you is all about helping out others. No, it might not be a special New Year's Eve just like last year, but it'll certainly make you feel on top of the world.

Virgo: Bring a little more action into your life by trying out things you wouldn't normally go for. Get out of your comfort zone and leave any controlling behind...

Libra: Don't force yourself to stay active, but it's better to take some time off and enjoy the peace and quite.

Scorpio: Get social and start spreading your butterfly wings this New Year's Eve as it'll be a great chance for you to make new friends.

Sagittarius: Have you been really excited about someone for a long time and afraid to do anything about it? Well let's just put it this way, if you don't take some action any time soon, you'll end up losing interest.

Capricorn: Were you planning a getaway for yourself? Plans are about to change as you'll be joined by lots of fun people. It's your very own month to shine!

Aquarius: A great way to leave all your worries behind is by doing some meditation. It'll work like magic for you...

Pisces: Always remember laughing is the best medicine for you. Start off this New Year with the company of people who understand you the most!

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