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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes - Second Week of March 2014

Aries: If you're single fellow Aries, then we recommend you enjoy that free bird feeling for a while, as you're about to get introduced to someone pretty interesting through mutual friends.

Taurus: Time to enter a new scene with some powerful professionals who share the same interests and thrive for success.

Gemini: Think he's the one? Well, you're known for making some hasty decisions. We recommend you clear up your mind and give it some extra thought. It wouldn't hurt, now would it?

Cancer: Settling just for anyone isn't the right thing. You should go for someone who truly understands you on every level. Take a look at the people close to you...

Leo: Security is pretty important to you and especially this week. You want people around you to reassure you, so make sure you're surrounding yourself with the right and wise ones.

Virgo: You hate drama and that's probably why you stayed off the dating scene for a while. Well, you're about to get a great drama-free opportunity soon.

Libra: Time to spice things up in your life! How? Get all glammed up and attend some fabulous events. We're sure you'll be making quite the impression!

Scorpio: Were they pressuring you to meet new people or perhaps to set you on a blind date? Maybe it's time to listen and start taking some action. You never know what might come out of it.

Sagittarius: Friend-zoning people way too early? We recommend you give things another try. How? Plan some fun outings or a small adventure, you'll only find out that they shouldn't have been friend-zoned in the first place...

Capricorn: You're a person who values stability and comfort, and when you find someone who gives you that, you most certainly need to appreciate that and not take it for granted.

Aquarius: Even though things haven't been going your way lately, that doesn't mean you can't put new plans and still be ambitious. It's a great trait, don't ever lose it!

Pisces: Thinking of going back to a relationship and keeping it a secret? We know it might thrill you, but it's definitely not worth it.

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