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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes - First Week of September 2014

Aries: Time to say an overdue goodbye! Something has been on your mind for a long while and you’ve been wanting to put an end to it, now is the perfect time.

Taurus: You’ll start feeling irresistible this week and it’ll continue with you throughout the next month. Our advice is to start taking good care of yourself and embrace a healthy lifestyle!

Gemini: Let your passionate side shine and you’ll be surprised how many people it’ll actually attract.

Cancer: Be there for your friends or a loved one this week, it seems like they’ll need some extra support and you’ll be the best person they’ll turn to.

Leo: Exploring and adventure are on its way for you this week. Enjoy it to the maximum and make some awesome memories!

Virgo: You’re letting your guard down and it’s enabling someone interesting to come a bit closer to you. It’s not a bad thing, trust us!

Libra: Competitive much? Tone it down a notch and enjoy team work as it’ll be much more beneficial later on.

Scorpio: Time to let go of your workaholic habits and learn how to enjoy yourself in other ways as well!

Sagittarius: Work has been overloading you lately, but you’re getting back on track socially. Catching up with old friends and loved ones is the perfect way to go.

Capricorn: Obsessing about reaching your goals isn’t always the best thing, as it tends to take over you. Take a step back and reevaluate things to have a clearer vision.

Aquarius: Enjoying some quality time with someone you’re interested in will only help you understand them better and build a stronger bond. Go for it!

Pisces: Are you finding a hard time understanding a person in front of you? We say read their body language, sometimes it’s more expressive than what actually comes out of their mouth.

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