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| by The Fustany Team

Weekly Horoscopes - First Week of March 2014

Aries: You might have been facing some communication issues lately, because there's simply nothing left to say. At times like these, remaining silent and just thinking is your best option.

Taurus: If things were moving slower than expected, we suggest you don't give up just yet. You'll notice that the things on hold will pretty much speed up soon.

Gemini: It usually goes that way, you aim to get something and you end up with it and then you might get bored shortly afterwards. This week, think things through so you wouldn't repeat mistakes.

Cancer: You have something important to say, but you've been hesitant for a while. Let's just say people won't get your side of the story unless you speak up. So do it!

Leo: Inner struggles won't get you anywhere. As a matter of fact, they'll only confuse you more. Try to think less and change the things you're not liking. Easier to actually do something about it than spend most of the time just thinking.

Virgo: Lots of great news coming along your way, especially work related. Stay tuned!

Libra: You're just going around in circles. Make up your mind already, it's the best thing you can do for your own sake.

Scorpio: Even though you consider your friends as family, but when they start draining your energy then you need to give them a piece of your mind.

Sagittarius: Your excitement is building up! Some cool plans coming along your way, but our advice is never to promise something when you're that excited, because you might end up not sticking to it.

Capricorn: Things are starting to get on your nerves one by one, and the best solution for that is to just relax. You'll be able to think much clearer afterwards and take the right decisions.

Aquarius: You might regret a few words that previously came out of your mouth and that's one of your main problems. Take it as a rule and count to ten, if it still makes sense to be said, then go for it.

Pisces: Feelings are known to hold you back and take you back to a place which you don't want to end up in. So how do you solve that? Let your close friends know whenever you're feeling too emotional to talk you out of what you're about to do.

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