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| by The Fustany Team

12 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Easter Egg

Who doesn't love coloring Easter eggs? Regardless of your age, it will always be a fun activity you can do with your whole family. This Easter we advise you to take a step towards the creative side and unleash your inner artist, and here's how:

1. Cut out cute paper shapes of bunnies and flowers and stick them to your Easter egg right after coloring it.

2. How about sticking glue all over the Easter egg and dipping it into colorful sugar sprinkles?

3. Mustaches have been in for a while now, so why not add that touch to the egg right after coloring it?

4. Wrap your Easter egg in some lace, dip it into a water color, leave it to dry and then take off the lace.

5. You can always add colorful threads around your Easter egg and stick it properly with a glue-gun.

6. Flowers and Easter eggs go hand in hand, so how about you pick some and do your own decoration?

7. Using oil colors you can add some colorful polka dots and then glue a butterfly cut out of a matching colored paper.

8. Did you know you can print leaves on your Easter egg? All you need to do is put a leaf on the egg, then add it into a sock, sink it into water colors, leave it to dry and then take off the sock.

9. Want something simple? Add a cute colorful bow to your Easter egg and voila you've got a gift for someone.

10. After coloring one egg, shatter it into small bits and then you can stick them back on with some melted cheese.

11. Express your current mood with different smiley shapes on your Easter egg.

12. A nice way to go creative with your Easter egg is by using feathers, orange colored paper bits and making cute chicks out of it.

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