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Behind the Scenes of the Fustany Team Photoshoot

January 30, 2013 12:00 AM | by The Fustany Team

One of Fustany's Team members came for a visit last week from Amman to Cairo, and as we were all sitting and talking at the office, throwing creative ideas here and there, we thought what better way to kick off all of the exciting things we have up our sleeves than with a fun photoshoot to show who we truly are. Imagine us all sitting at the office on a Monday afternoon, deciding that the day after (Tuesday) we were going to do the photoshoot. It was an instant and somehow crazy idea, and now everything had to fall in place to organize the bits and pieces.

We started off by analyzing all of our personalities to come up with the styles that reflect what each one of us likes the most and is all about; from a fuchsia skirt, cat-ear headband, a turban to the bow-tie. It was super exciting to put together all those details, and then it was time to find the perfect photographer, makeup artist, hair salon and missing pieces of the outfits. Not an easy job to be done all in one day we must admit, but despite all that we had to make it happen, and we did. 

Tuesday Morning:

Around 11 am, we headed to Mohamed Al Sagheer's salon in Katameya Heights, where we all had our hair done to compliment the style and personality of each one of us. We chose this branch in specific because of the decoration, we had to get into character, don't you agree?

We then headed to Dokan Boutique, an outstanding furniture store located in Image Mall in Cairo with the most colorful and unique accessories and furniture pieces. One of Dokan Boutique's team members was there with us all day to keep their clients up to date with exclusive behind the scene images. We absolutely loved Dokan Boutique, as it had just the right vibe for our photoshoot. You'll see for yourself what we mean by that very soon!

There we met with Andrew Absoud of AM Photography, and it was the first time to work with him, but most certainly not the last. He was fun, super creative and pushed to get the best images for our campaign. A few minutes later, makeup artist, Soha Khoury, arrived as well and it was time for the action to start. Because we know how talented Soha Khoury is, we just briefed her up on what we'll be wearing and left her to do her magic and the outcome was both natural and amazing.

One by one, Andrew started snapping us, and then it was time for the group picture, where we went with two different concepts. We could go more into details about the pictures, but then we might be ruining the surprise. All we have to say is, stay tuned, we promise you nothing but fun and excitement. Meanwhile, make sure to watch the video we prepared with behind the scenes footage.

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