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Memoirs of a Fashionable Bride: Ines Gohar

Ines Gohar is one woman who is well immersed in fashion; she happens to be the Fashion Buyer at Beymen Cairo, traveling the fashion capitals every now and then, hitting designer's showrooms and deciding on the styles that we'll be wearing in the upcoming seasons. One day, Ines had to go shop for a very special item, she was a bride-to-be on the hunt for her bridal gown. Check out her journey as a bride, taking us through all the details of her wedding day look.

When did you start your bridal gown shopping journey?

My husband proposed on September 9th last year, and I was leaving to New York on September 10th for fashion week. I guess I started looking for dress, let me think…. 10 years before getting married? No more seriously, I started looking as soon as I got to New York, so the next day after he proposed! Between the showrooms and between the shows I’d rush to bridal gown shops.

How many wedding gowns have you tried on before finding 'The One'?

I tried many. In New York I went to the big department stores and Vera Wang, I also went to more alternative places. I'd try the dresses on, find them nice but I used to feel like I’m going to a costume party dressed as a bride. It was nice and lacy and “bride looking,” but it wasn’t me. I tried on gorgeous dresses, but I just felt I’m playing a role.

You knew you found 'The One' when...

After New York I went to Paris, and in showrooms I started asking them if they knew fun designers who could create a dress for me. That’s when I heard of Oscar Carvallo. And one day as I was walking in rue du Faubourg Saint Honore in Paris with my mom, we passed by his atelier, so we decided to call him and see. I went up to his showroom, tried on three of his dresses (not bridal gowns) and spoke with him a bit and told my mom: THIS IS IT!!! I'm not going anywhere else, Oscar will create my dress. We canceled all the other appointments I had. 

Fashion is my life, it's my job and my passion, so the connection with the designer was important. I needed it to be an experience more than just a shopping spree. His dresses were gorgeous and it just all made sense. I needed this personalized feel to my dress. That’s why couture was a perfect option for me. Sometimes I think I’m crazy to have spent so much money in a dress but that feeling lasted only a quarter of a second. Totally worth it. I decided that the dress will have no lace, will not be white, will not be classic, it will be me. And I think I succeeded in that. My dress was futuristic yet very princess like. I was told I’m the modern Cinderella or an Ice Princess. I loved that my dress was unique and that no one else will have the same.

Tell us all about your wedding day look.

So my dress was a couture dress made to measure by Oscar Carvallo. My shoes were Isabel Marant sneakers. It was clear to me that I wanted to be comfortable on my wedding day. I have a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers (with inserted heel, the Bird) and I always say they are my most comfortable pair of shoes. So since my dress had metallic parts, I wanted the silver metallic Isabel Marant sneakers that I had seen in their showroom. This wasn’t an easy task! As you know, Isabel Marant sneakers sellout before they even hit the stores. So I called the showroom (I buy the brand for Beymen Cairo, so I know them) and asked them for the shoes. They were soldout in all Isabel Marant stores, but because they are so lovely and loved the idea of a bride wearing their shoes at a wedding, they sent me the list of all the stores in the world who had bought these shoes. I contacted them one by one! I remember the first store I contacted was in Berlin, and I finally found them in England at Cricket! And just so you understand how complicated it was, because my credit card didn’t have an address in the UK, I couldn’t buy them, but I was lucky enough to meet the buyer for this store at Jimmy Choo showroom and she helped me get the shoes!!! Fashion is a tiny world.

I wore a necklace from “Noir” that I bought from Aishti in Beirut, and diamond earring that I borrowed from my mom’s friend (that was my something borrowed). I had my hair down in many messy braids, Marwan the owner of “Marwan Hairdressers” is my favorite hair stylist in the world. My makeup was done by Carol, she is excellent and understood immediately what I wanted. I hate it when brides don’t look like themselves on their wedding day.

Your all time favorite celebrity bride is ... , were you inspired by her?

I’m not a follower, no but really I have the tendency to find most bridal dresses too similar, too boring and not to like them.

Did you always know how you wanted to look on your wedding day?

I wanted to be different without being non-bridal, which was the challenge. Also I had made it clear that no one should wear any shades close to white/off white/beige, etc. I also instructed that no one should wear the easy ‘little black dress’ we all have in our closet. I wanted people to make the effort to dress up and think of their outfit. Also, I get furious when I see people wearing white, off-white or even very light shades of colors where it could look like a whitish color from far. It makes me so mad, I find it so disrespectful.

Looking back at your wedding photos, is there anything you would have done differently?

No. it was a fairytale. My wedding felt like a dream. My husband was amazing. We were happy and the energy spread to the guests.

Share your tips for brides-to-be shopping for wedding gowns.

I’d say take as many appointments as you can. Even to brands you can’t afford. Go, see, try. It's only when you try that you notice shapes you didn’t think about, or shapes you thought you wanted but end-up not liking on you. You get a better feel of fabrics and shades you like. Even if you will end-up having a designer do it for you, it’s still better to go try many from different stores/showrooms.

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