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| by The Fustany Team

Seven Shopping Tips to Buy During the Sale Season in a Smart Way!

Have you found yourself looking in frustration at a window shop with a 70% off sale on all items? You know that you'll find lots of options behind that window shop, and that there are loads of people wanting the exact same pieces you want. The sale season might be stressful for some, and joyful for others. Well, let us help you with some shopping tips to buy during the sale season in  a smart way, and make it a happy experience.

1. Sign up to your favorite shops’ emailing list.

Well, there are very well-known times when shops usually make big sales, but there are unexpected times too! To stay ahead of the sale shopping game, sign up to your favorite shops’ emailing list, they’ll keep you posted with sale times, special offers, and even new collection arrivals. Some websites even create special offers for their online users, like a VIP sale event.

2. The earlier you go for a sale shopping the better the items you get will be.

As soon as you know about a sale, we suggest that you go ASAP. Well, that’s obvious, the later you are, the less options and sizes you’ll find.

3. Don’t be fooled with the price tag.

Don’t buy it just because it dropped from a very high price to a very low one, unless you really like it and you really need it. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money over a piece that you won’t wear.

4. Don’t give up when you can’t find your size.

If you can’t find your size, ask one of the staff if there’s any other sizes that you can’t see, some of the sizes are on racks in the changing room. If not, then call other branches and ask them if they have the size. Also, you can look for it online, and then get it shipped for you.

5. Make a list of the things you need.

Before you go down for an overwhelming sale shopping spree, make sure you know what you really need, so you don’t get distracted with other items. Some pieces will look tempting to buy, but you’ll regret buying them the moment you leave the shop.

6. Don’t buy trendy clothes during sale season.

Trends come and go, and even though the price might be tempting, buying a trendy piece of clothes at the end of a season sale will make it unwearable when it’s time to wear it again. We’d go for basics and timeless pieces; the things that will last for the longest time.

7. Get out of your comfort zone, and scout for new shops that you never tried before.

There are like three to four shops that most people like to shop at, so these shops will be crowded, and the items will probably be sold out. So, go out of your comfort zone, and try new shops. You might be surprised with new prices and new designs, other than the ones you are used to.

Now scroll down to see some of the pieces we liked from this sale season!

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