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| by The Fustany Team

Posh Hire: Another Shopping Platform, So You Don't Have to Wear the Same Dress Twice!

It's great to see people in Egypt offering modern-day solutions for several problems we might be facing. One of these problems is expensive prices and the need to wear something new to the many events you're being invited to!

Posh hire may not be the first to introduce the dress hiring idea in Egypt, but it's good for the fashion market to have competition, but it adds another shopping platform to seek when you can't find what you want in other places.

Posh Hire will give you the ability to purchase dresses, and also swap a dress for one of your own. We understand that you love to dress up, and that wearing something new will give you a mood boost. But paying for an expensive dress to wear it only once won't. Posh Hire will help you not break the bank, and wear a different dress to five events you're having only this month!

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