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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

12 Fashion Trends That Will be Big in 2017

Every year, people start wondering which fashion trends will be in and out, and 2017 is full of beautiful and feminine fashion trends, that made a major comeback from the 70's and 80's. These 2017 fashion trends will up your personal style game. In addition to that, there are some trends that were loved in 2016, that will continue being a hit in 2017. So let’s see what are the 12 fashion trends that will be big in 2017?

1. Striped outfits trend is still in and rocking.

2. The artistic prints trend is back from the 70’s and 80’s, and it's so pretty.

3.The athleisure trend is still going strong in 2017.

4. The color pink will be seen everywhere in 2017, it’s the color of the year apparently.

5. Floral prints are not going anywhere; this feminine trend is staying in 2017.

6. Frilled outfits are another trend that’s staying in 2017, everyone just loves it.

7. Every celebrity and street style star have been rocking vintage graphic t-shirts last year, they’ll be a big hit in 2017 too.

8. Say bye to low rise; high-waist pants dominated 2016 and are dominating 2017.

9. Sneakers are so practical and pretty on dressy outfits, that’s why they’re staying in 2017.

10. Mules were a hit last year, and people can’t get enough of them, they’re staying in 2017.

11. Mini bags are adorable; you’ll see street style stars rocking them all the time.

12. Last year, statement earring made a huge comeback, and they’re also staying for 2017.  

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