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| by Dalia Hosny

Your Guide to Maternity Jeans: Types, Styles and Where to Shop

A pair of jeans is for sure one of your wardrobe essentials. Feel comfortable with the changes happening in your body and pamper your baby bump by picking the right pair of jeans. Today we're giving you some maternity jeans tips and showing you the different types of maternity jeans and where to buy maternity jeans

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The material

Maternity jeans definitely differ than normal jeans so the first thing you need to focus on is its material, it should be less denim and more stretchy and comfortable.

The fit

Don't pick very low rise jeans or a very tight fit jeans. You can actually try on your regular size at first. It should fit you at least during your first trimester. You don't need to pick a size bigger than yours unless you found it a little tight from your bottom or thighs.

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The second trimester

As you move into your second trimester, you will notice changes in your body shape and this would be the time to start shopping from the maternity section. There are the 'under the bump' maternity jeans, yet it can be uncomfortable to some as you wouldn't be used to the elastic belly band it includes. There are also the 'on the bump' jeans, where the belly band provides certain amount of support to your bump. Then there are 'over the bump' jeans which is similar to high-waist jeans but with an elastic band. Instead of the belly band, some maternity jeans come with elastic side panels at the waist, which can also expand as your bump grows.

Elasticated side waistband/ side panel maternity jeans

side panel maternity jeans

For a comfortable fit, these are a very common type of maternity jeans. The side panels offer more give and comfort. They can be found with many difficult styles of jeans, from skinny to straight legs. 

Over the bump band

when to buy maternity jeans

LC Waikiki - H&M - LC Waikiki - ASOS

If you want something with even more give and space for you baby bump, this is another type of maternity jeans. You have an elastic band to hug you bump and give you more comfort. Some of them are one with the waist of the jeans and others are attached on the inside of the waistline.

Straight leg maternity jeans

 stylish maternity jeans

ASOS - ASOS - LC Waikiki - ASOS

There are so many different fits out there, skinny is one of the most common, but there are also some very modern cuts, like straight legs and flared legs. 

Dark wash/Black maternity jeans

Black maternity jeans

H&M - LC Waikiki - Mango

You can also go for different colors of denim, there's white and black of course. Dark washes are really common and there are some great options at Mango and H&M. 

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DIY maternity jeans

Did you know you could also take your old jeans and turn them into maternity jeans! Check out how to do that here

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