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| by Dalia Hosny

Tricks to Look Slimmer During Pregnancy

Show off your shape with some tricks to look slimmer during pregnancy! "What should I wear when I'm pregnant?" We all know the amount of 'happy' weight that you gain during pregnancy. That's why we'd like to guide you with some tricks on how to look confident with your baby bump along with tricks to look slimmer during pregnancy:

1. It's okay to have swollen legs, you're pregnant and not chubby. Do you want to look slimmer during pregnancy? Stay away from skinny jeans and leggings if you're experiencing this. Boot-cut jeans and straight jeans will give you more length and will make you look taller.

2. Wearing extra loose tops will make you look like you're a size bigger. If you want to look slimmer during pregnancy, while shopping don't look for something bigger than your actual size, this covers up your sexy curves. Compliment your curves even while pregnant!

3. Accessories play an important role in our daily outfits. A long statement necklace will make your face and chest look a lot thinner and help you look slimmer during pregnancy. It re-balances proportions. 

4. V-neck tops are preferred while you're pregnant to keep attention away from the chubbiness of your face and make you look slimmer during pregnancy.

5. If you're heading to a late night event, empire waist dresses must be your pick to make your body look slimmer during pregnancy! The clinch beneath your bust, high-waist silhouette and the loose long skirt makes it the perfect garment for a pregnant woman. Try it on and you'll notice a slimmer body appearance.

Keep your spirit up and walk in confidence with your lovely baby bump!

Being a mum is a full-time job, so you might as well do it in style! Read more from our Stylish Mamas section here

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