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| by Sara Khalil

This Is How You Wear Oversized Sweaters on Skirts If You're Into the Messy Chic Style!

The messy-chic style is not easy to execute, but if you know how to do it right, it will be very easy for you. Some girls are afraid of wearing oversized sweaters on skirts, they think it will make them look big and a total mess. But what you need to know is that messy-chic style is all about balance. 

You can wear oversized sweaters on any kind of skirts, whether it's pleated, leather, denim, midi, long or short. But, here's the trick, if you're a tall girl, then you're allowed to style it with sneakers, flat shoes, and kitten heels. But, if you're a short girl, then this size is probably not for you, but if you want to make it work, then pick something that is not too oversized and too long to wear, also you'll need to pair it with some heels to restore balance. 

A great way to style oversized sweater on skirts is to wear it in an even messier way. Tuck in a small part of the front of your sweater into the skirt, it will look so cool. 

Now, scroll down to see some photos that will help you find a way to style your favorite under an oversized sweater! 

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