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| by The Fustany Team

The Fustany Team Fashion Wishes for 2013

We'd like to warn you that most of the resolutions are for the sole purpose of pushing the fun aspect into 2013. Who doesn't want to incorporate a little fun and silliness into their daily lives? That's why the Fustany Team sat together and each one of us listed their resolutions for this year, and we'll make sure to follow through with them.

Amira Azzouz (Founder & Editor-in-Chief)

1. Wear the ASOS Cat Ears headband I ordered just a couple of days ago, three times to unusual places. By unusual places, I don't mean fashion shows and events, but places where they might be a bit behind when it comes to understanding that fashion resembles fun and outgoing. Why? I'd just love to see the looks on their faces.

2. Find the perfect sparkly dress, not too short and definitely not too long, as I don't want to look like a disco ball. Zeina promised she would haunt down the perfect piece for me. And here's why I want one, simply because that I would get even more into character when dancing on the song Mambo number 5. 

3. I've recently got a nice new Canon camera which I love dearly, and for that reason it's only fair to give it a fashionable and funky strap. Especially since it's with me most of the times. Did I mention that this year I'd also like to learn more about directing?

4. Sneaker wedges are on my wish-list! They're not quite sneakers, which I'm not really into, and they're not wedges, they're exactly what I'm looking for this winter to keep me both warm and encourage me to try and fulfill this year's resolution. Which is? Being able to dance as good as the people in Step Up.

5. Get statement shades and a cool travel bag, and voila I've got the perfect jet-setter look, can you picture it too?


Zeina Tawfik (Senior Editor & PR Director)

1. Ditch the Jeans! Jeans is my go-to piece when I'm getting ready to go anywhere, but life has so much more than denim! So, I'm resolving to give more attention to skirts, dresses and printed pants as an alternative to the boring jeans.

2. Buy Flat Shoes... While most people out there would be wanting to wear more high heels, I would like to take a break from high heels and give some love to flat shoes. 

3. Bling bling! Statement accessories are the perfect styling finishing touches to any look! My main aim will be to start a rings collection as I've just recently started wearing them and I love how they look with perfectly manicured nails.

4. With Pinterest and blogs like "P.S I made this" around now, DIY has never been more appealing. It's time to get out that white shirt and embellish its collar for an updated look. 

5. Never Say Never! I think Carrie Bradshaw never said never when it came to her styling choices and I would like to do the same! I do step out of my fashion comfort zone every now and then and I should continue doing so. A statement t-shirt with a tutu skirt, why not?!


Nada Allam (Fashion Features Editor)

1. More red lips! It gives off the hollywood glam look and I'll make sure to make an appearance in 2013's events in bold lips, that I promise you.

2. Puppy socks are cute and fluffy, but more importantly they keep my feet crisp worm, so here's to more of that.

3. Add more sparkle to my outfit! Whether it's the studs on my shoes, or the colorful arm candy 2013 is all about the shine.

4. Cat eye looks are an amazing addition to my look and wouldn't they go perfectly with the red lips?

5. A new hair style! I'm not the one to chop off my hair, but I will add a twist. More braids, fish braids, buns or even a combination of both are certainly on this year's list of to-dos.


Dalia Hosny (Features Editor & Fustany TV Director)

1. Add bold and bright items to my wardrobe! Instead of going for the usual blue jeans, I'll try to opt for colorful or printed bottoms. 

2. Wear my actual clothes! I'm going to mix and match the stuff I rarely wear to create new outfits. Almost 30% of women don't wear all of their clothes. Therefore, I'll reorganize my closet and I'm sure the results will be surprising! 

3. I won't be afraid of trends! I'll take more fashion risks and be confident about them to give my style a boost. 

4. I'm craving to go bold, and I'll do it with more statement necklaces, as it'll drastically change my look. A bold neck-piece can add glamour to my simple top or LBD. 

5. Get more beauty sleep for a change. I'm going to put all the work and stress aside and try to sleep an hour early everyday. Getting better sleep will make my skin glow, balance hormones, and will encourage better weight control. They don't call it beauty sleep for nothing! 


Nancy Hennes (Arabic Editor)

1. I love taking risks when it comes to my hair style, trying out edgy new haircuts, but I've never done that when it comes to my clothes, at least not recently. This year I want to find a message I want to say, print it on my clothes, and wear it for a full day.

2. So I've never been a fan of fur, I feel it ages me at least 10 years. My resolution, is to find a fur piece that is age appropriate, also faux.

3. As I just mentioned, I love cutting my hair A LOT. Lately, I've been trying to hold out on cutting it, it started to grow longer but now I need an outlet for creativity, solution? Dye it with blue or violet highlights, haven't decided which one to go for yet.

4. I've always loved leather pants, but never dared to wear it. With the trend in full force this season, I want to wear a pair of leather pants before the winter ends.

5. This one isn't fashion related, but more of the team related. Since I'm a new addition to Fustany, my last but definitely not least resolution, is to be great friends with all members of Fustany Team.

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