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| by Zeinab El-Fiqi

If You Follow These Styling Tips, Your Winter Will Be So Happy and Colorful

Can you feel your mood swinging between happy and sad for no reason all the time? Well, don't worry dear, you're not alone, we all get moody in between seasons. But wintertime can be very exciting at the beginning and then gradually, it becomes depressing. But to make winter happy you have to work on it, and these colorful styling tips I am about to tell you will help you achieve that! I gathered a few outfits I liked from some of the best fashion bloggers' Instagram accounts to help you find a way to dress cheerfully this winter. Fashion bloggers get a little artistic when they dress-up to show-off their styling skills, but here, I'll tell you what you can take from an outfit and how to make it work for you!

1. Colorful Boots:

I always bought boots either in black or brown, but I am ready to give colorful boots a try this winter! They look so pretty, but I'd recommend wearing them with neutral colors for a more realistic look.

Fashion 2018 - Colorful boots - Color Trends 2018

2. Colorful Coats and jackets:

I love colorful coats and jackets, they're perfect for rainy, grey days.

Fashion 2018 - Colorful Coat - Color Trends 2018

3. Colorful Pants:

I love to wear jeans, but it's nice to try other options, so colorful pants are so in this winter, and they actually look chic.

Fashion 2018 - Colorful Pants - Color Trends 2018

4. Colorful oversized sweaters:

I love big comfy sweaters, especially on a cold sunny day, where you don't need a jacket but still need to feel warm. So, why not wear them in red.

Fashion 2018 - Colorful Oversized Sweater - Color Trends 2018

5. Colorful Bags:

If you're not feeling all happy and cheerful on a cold winter day, then colorful bags are the perfect color accent for your all black outfit.

Fashion 2018 - Colorful Bags - Color Trends 2018

6. Colorful suits:

Matching pants and jackets are back from the 70's, are you bold enough to wear them in burgundy?

Fashion 2018 - Colorful Suits - Color Trends 2018

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