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| by Farida Abdel Malek

19 Outfit Ideas Showing You How to Wear a Sweater With a Shirt

I think wearing a sweater and collared shirt is now considered a classic look. How you style it and wear it is what can change and adapt over the years. Here we're going to be showing you the different ways to wear a sweater with collared shirt, including how to wear a sweater over a collared shirt, under it and how to style it.

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How to wear a sweater with a shirt:

How to wear a shirt over a sweater

How to wear a shirt over a sweater

I didn't think about this option before, but now I can't stop thinking about wanting to try it out. It's a bit out of the box and unusual but I think it's very cool. I can see from the pictures and it makes sense that a turtleneck sweater is needed for this look, not just for warmth, but also to complete the look.

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Shirt under a sweater vest


Sweater vests are a huge trend this year. They're really popular and have been seen worn the most with the classic shirt. We wrote about them last week and we've seen them worn with mom jeans, dresses and skirts. If you don't like wearing things that are too oversized, you can wear a more fitted shirt with a fitted sweater vest. Don't rule that out. 

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Wearing a collared shirt under sweater with a skirt


A skirt is also a great option to wear with your sweater shirt combo. You can go for a tennis skirt and an active jumper with a shirt underneath for a gorgeously cute look. Or go more formal with a longer evening skirt and heeled boots. 

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How to wear a sweater over a collared shirt

How to wear a sweater over a collared shirt

This is the more classic way to wear a shirt with a sweater, that we've been seeing for years in fashion. Of course with the more oversized and effortless trend coming to popularity, we see more these days of shirts being left flowing and showing under the sweater. I personally love this look, I think it's really chic, practical and one the easiest to style. It works with fitted pants, loose pants for just sheer tights. Just make sure you're balancing out the layers like these outfit examples above.

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