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| by Mayar Badie

How to Add Touches of Fall Trends into Your 'I'm Bored of It' Summer Wardrobe

The Sahel/Mykonos days (which let’s face it, is not any less popular this year) may be over, but let’s face it, it's still too warm to be thinking about autumn clothes. However, it’s already quite late in the season to still be buying summer clothes.

If you’re shopping or even rummaging through your wardrobe, looking for outfit ideas because you’re bored of the summer outfits and trends, it makes more sense to have an eye out on what’s coming up in the next autumn/winter season. Here are a few outfit ideas to help you add a touch of fall trends into your summer wardrobe.

1. The midi skirt.

Wear now with a t-shirt or cami, paired with sandals or trainers, then later with booties and a jumper or leather jacket.


2. Animal print number.

This is not a secret or a revelation. Our Instagram feed is flooded with all sorts of animal prints from leopard and snakeskin to cow and zebra. I would say, pick a neutral animal print so you can style it up in different ways without getting bored of it, as it’s here to stay for at least the next couple of seasons. I personally think a classic leopard print is a timeless neutral, regardless of what's most trending. 


3. Wide legged trousers, and specifically denim.

These remind me of my high school days, paired with trainers and a simple band or slogan tee knitted at the waist is an instant cool girl vibe. But also equally wearable with a turtle neck or a slouchy jumper. So imagine this later in the season with a slouchy roll neck knit, half tucked in and a pair of trainers!



4. Midi and maxi dresses.

In animal, dark floral, polka dots, stripes, checks...basically any kind of print! They even work with solid colors. Great to wear now, and later in a month or two as it gets cooler.


5. Bohemian floaty dresses, mixed paisley and floral prints, wooden accents, leather booties or fringes.. ok you get the point! I can’t wait to boot this look up and bust out a fringe leather jacket as it gets cooler.


If you’re feeling inspired enough to try any of these looks, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram for a chance to get featured @stylememoir_by_mayar.

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